Top 8 Best Women’s Snowboards 2020

Nothing quite matches the freedom of flying down a mountain on your favorite snowboard. Feeling the cold winter breeze as you shred it downhill with the grace and agility of a snow tiger. All while catching some major air, and dominating the trails! However, without a solid board to accompany you, your performance will inevitably suffer.  That’s why it’s important to find a board that matches your particular boarding style.

Finding the best one is not easy though, after all, with so many options available, how are you supposed to choose? Well, rest easy knowing that someone else did the research for you. Just find the one you like and give it a whirl because here are the top eight women’s snowboards!

Best Women’s Snowboards

Top 8 Best Women’s Snowboards 2020

Flex Rating
Burton’s Feelgood Flying V Review
Burton’s Feelgood Flying V
Editor’s Choice
Medium Twin Flex
Yes. Hel Yes. 2020 Review
Never Summer Proto Type Two 2020 Review
Salomon Pillow Talk Review
Salomon Pillow Talk
Best Powder
GNU Klassy C2X Review
GNU Klassy C2X
Best Budget-to-Performance
Arbor Cadence 2020 Review
Arbor Cadence 2020
Best Freestyle
Jones Flagship Snowboard 2020 Review
Jones’ Solution Review
Jones’ Solution
Best Splitboard

The following top 8 are the best in different categories, they each have their own advantages in specific areas, and are marked as such! With that being said, enjoy!

1. Burton’s Feelgood Flying V – Editor’s Choice


Burton’s Feelgood Flying V Review

With a brand like Burton backing it, you know you can trust the Feelgood Flying V! This all-mountain snowboard is the cream of the crop, when it comes to looks, performance, and handling! You’ll definitely benefit from having this baby at your side!

A directional tip, and a fantastic pop, means you’ll be navigating at top speed and performing all sorts of tricks in whatever terrain you choose for the day. However, that’s not all, its medium twin flex (leaning towards soft) makes it great for those who want a board that will stick with them as they progress.

Coupled with its camber/rocker and you’re getting the best of both worlds. It also has a stylish design if you’re worried about looking good while shredding it.

If you like burton, and you love snowboarding, this board is definitely for you! Get yourself one, and start hitting all the spots you’ve wanted to visit now!



  • Burton Channel Binding means it’s only compatible with their EST Bindings

2. Yes. Hel Yes. 2020 – Runner-Up

Yes. Hel Yes. 2020 Review

You’re not going to regret saying, Yes. Hel Yes with this fantastic snowboard, an excellent ride for those of you who love tackling all sorts of trails. Designed for more advanced riders than our previous board, this one is a great alternative, for those who have been shredding for over a few years.

But, just what makes it extra awesome? Well, its UnderBite shape allows it to distribute the weight of the rider in a manner that increases their ability to edge hold as well as turn. Part of this is because there is a reduction in the contact between the snow and the surface of the board while turning, thereby increasing the edge pressure and letting you take that curve with ease.

A medium flex leaning towards stiff, means you’ll have more stability without sacrificing the playfulness of a softer board, getting the best of both worlds! Moreover, a bamboo core makes it lighter and stronger than other boards for that extra pop and responsiveness!

We honestly had a difficult time choosing between these two amazing boards, but because it doesn’t perform as great in parks it loses out to the editor’s choice. Still, a fantastic choice in every other field, the Yes. Hel Yes is amazing! Get yours now.


  • Versatile
  • High-Performance
  • Perfect for Intermediates and experts


  • Not as great for parks or spins

3. Never Summer Proto Type Two 2020 – Most Versatile

Never Summer Proto Type Two 2020 Review

If you’re looking to try your hand at everything, then take a look at Never Summer’s Proto Type Two! The latest iteration of the Never Summer Line, and a fantastic choice for those who like doing it all, or have, yet to figure out where they belong in the snow.

This baby features a Ripsaw Rocker Camber, which gives it a fantastic edge hold without sacrificing that popping feeling or versatility. Additionally, it has a small flat portion on the board that facilitates floating and turning.

Its flex is strictly middle of the line with a medium flex that doesn’t lean toward either stiff or soft. Plus, the Proto Type Two’s asymmetrical twin shape gives you the ability to ride it facing either direction.

The Never Summer Proto Type Two 2020 is the board that can do it all, and it is just waiting for you to get it!


  • Super Versatile
  • Perfect Jack-of-All-Trades
  • Great for Intermediates headed for Advanced levels


  • Expensive
  • Floats slightly less than the average board

4. Salomon Pillow Talk – Best Powder

Salomon Pillow Talk Review

Those of you, who want to specialize in a field that you’re already in love with, look no further than Salomon’s Pillow Talk. But, unlike the name it’s not just whispering some sweet nothings before bed, instead, it’s a floaty and awesome ride that will stay with you, when you’re out carving some fresh snow.

However, it’s true that this is definitely a specialty board, as it designed strictly with powder in mind. The Rock Out Camber gives you extra stability, a medium flex for versatility and fun, and a tapered twin shape that makes it ride well on whichever direction you choose.

It’s no slouch when it comes to speed and edge control either, if you’re worried about that.

If you’ve already found out that you love carve some fresh powder, then this is the board for you! Don’t wait around, get it now!


  • Great for carving fresh snow
  • Floaty


  • Turns slightly slow

5. GNU Klassy C2X – Best Budget-to-Performance

GNU Klassy C2X Review

If you’re looking to for a board that kill it at the all-mountain range without breaking the bank account, then the GNU Klassy CX2 might just be the one you’re looking for. Playful and high-energy, this board is fairly versatile, offering plenty of nifty features.

Allowing you to go fast, and shred it at high speeds without sacrificing too much stability, this board is great if you want to go on some bombing runs. But, if you’re looking instead to go and carve some fresh powder, worry not as the XC2 rocker gives it the perfect balance to tackle freestyling and carving.

Breaking your bank account to get a snowboard is never a good idea, and if you’re an advanced to expert level rider, just looking to get a new board, then the GNU Klassy might just be for you! Get it here!


  • Great Price
  • Great for high-speeds


  • Doesn’t perform so well in park runs

6. Arbor Cadence 2020 – Best Freestyle

Arbor Cadence 2020 Review

Freestylers beware; this board might just be what is in tune for you! Arbor’s Cadence, doesn’t only march to the beat of its own drum, it actively revels in it. Known for its swiftness, jib, flex, and fantastic pop, this snowboard is great if you like going to the park!

Yet, there is little that hasn’t been said about this fantastic specialty board, with plenty of features designed to help you shred some tricks with the best of them. A floaty profile that is surfy and precise as well as a rocker profile that just makes it feel extremely natural while turning.

Made from lightweight paulownia the Cadence is perfect for jumping and riding without worrying about durability too!

Park riders everywhere should definitely take a gander at this beautiful cadence. It’s a fantastically fun ride for those who love doing tricks everywhere they go! Get yourself a Cadence now!


  • Playful and fun
  • Excellent price


  • It’s advertised as an all-mountain, when it’s best to use it in parks.

7. Jones Flagship Snowboard 2020 – Best Freeriding

Jones Flagship Snowboard 2020 Review

Freeriders everywhere should look no further than Jones’ Flagship, hands down one of the best freeriding boards available in the market. This board is made with a directional rocker that provides stability and maneuverability regardless of speed.

Perfect for turning and landing switch, you’ll find yourself speeding downhill, and feeling aggressive and powerful while doing so. A blunt nose that allows it to hover in powder, and keep going regardless of the incoming snow. Plus, a Progressive Sidecut that provides it with the ability to perform smooth turns.

Finally, it’s made with recycled ABS plastic, which if you’re an environmentally conscious rider, you’ll appreciate.

Aggressive freeriders should definitely look at the Flagship, it is here to stay and represent! Get yours now!


  • Made from recycled materials to help the environment
  • Perfect for freeriding
  • Forgiving


  • Expensive

8. Jones’ Solution – Best Splitboard

Jones’ Solution Review

It wouldn’t be a fair list if we didn’t give you the choice of the best splitboard available for snowboarders, and that distinction goes to Jones’ Solution! The ultimate all-terrain mode of transportation for boarders who want to go anywhere and everywhere!

Ultra-responsive, and with a directional rocker/camber flex that gives you the ability to float, while improving maneuverability this board is fun, but stiff, perfect for those high-speed runs that you love!

Still, its ability to glide in the powder means that you’re not going to slow down as soft snow comes your way and you’ll be able to navigate through anything.

If you’re the type of rider who is not daunted by the outdoors, then we have the solution to your lack of snowboard problem with Jones’ Solution! Get it now!


  • Perfect for exploring the backcountry
  • Stiff, yet fun
  • Ultra-Lightweight


  • Doesn’t do too well in bumpy trails

Things to Consider before Buying (A Simple Buyer’s Guideline)

Not every snowboard is built the same way, for that reason, it’s important to know what type of terrain you’re going to be tackling.

Buyers' guideline for Best Women's Snowboards

Beginners should keep in mind that the learning curve for the basics of snowboarding is relatively small. However, mastering the art of boarding is a different story, it requires patience and a solid board that will help you achieve your goals. For this reason, we recommend looking towards a board that has the traits suitable for what you’re looking to achieve, and not one of your current level.

Taking said action, will give you room to grow and allow your skills to improve naturally over time.

But, with that being said, here are the primary things you should consider:

Snowboard Type and Their Terrains

  • All-Mountain: Suitable for all types of terrain and the best type of board for those who have not quite figured out what type of terrain they prefer. You can get them in both directional (longer nose than tail) and twin (symmetrical) tip fashions. These boards perform well anywhere you go.
  • Freeride: Are you the rider who wants to carve the trail that others will follow? Well, the freeride board might be just what you’re looking for. These boards are perfect for wild ungroomed terrains. They’re usually directional, and feature a stiffer flex for higher stability purposes.
  • Freestyle: Suited for the parks, these boards are lightweight, flexible, short, and have a twin tip for those who like to switch their boards around. These boards are great for riders who want their trip to be filled with jumps and tricks, helping you push yourself to the limit whenever you’re visiting a terrain park. However, they are a bit lacking when it comes to stability or shredding it on some hard snow.
  • Splitboard: Suitable for climbing and hiking backcountry trails, this “board” consists of two individual “skis” that are attached to your feet. Once you get to where you need to go, you simply reattach the two halves and shred it downhill. However, they do come with the disadvantage of needing additional equipment to use them properly, such as a split kit and climbing skins.
  • Powder: Exactly what it says on the tin is what you get with this type of snowboard. They’re suitable for deep snow and a rocker that floats better than the others.


There are three primary shapes, and we’ve already discusses two of them here. They are:

  • Directional Twin: Great for people who want to try their hand at everything the mountain has to offer.
  • True Twin: The symmetrical board mentioned earlier
  • Directional: This board has a larger nose, and is designed to tackle high-speed runs. You ride these in one direction only.

Gender Differences

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering what the difference is between men and women snowboards. Well, wonder no more, as the difference is that women’s boards feature:

  • A smaller/narrower waist width
  • Less camber
  • Softer flex

These differences are there to account for a smaller frame, and in fact, either gender could look at women’s specific boards if they have a lightweight body. Alternatively, larger/taller women might be better suited for a snowboard that caters to men (specifically anything above a size 8.5).


Your height and weight will affect the type of board you need. The most precise way to calculate the size of the board you need depends on your weight, however, and knowing this will help you choose the right board.

Numerous online sites can help you pinpoint the length of the board you need with a size chart. But, keep in mind that longer boards are better for aggressive riders, while shorter boards are better for those who prefer the parks and jumps. There is also the matter of personal preference you should consider.


The width of your board will depend on your boots. The right fitting board will allow your boots to extend a maximum of about two centimeters past each end in order to make the most out of turns. Keep in mind that if they extend past the recommended maximum length you’ll end up dragging your heel and toes, losing control and falling down.

Alternatively, if the board is too big for you, then you’ll find it difficult to turn.

Camber, Rocker, Flat

Those who are familiar with snowboards will easily recognize these terms. For those of you who haven’t heard of them before, they’re used to describe the shape of your snowboard when looking at it from the side. The following is a short description of each one:

  • Flat: The neutral or no camber is basically a completely flat underfoot, which facilitates sharp turns, and increase float. The edges can still have some slight incline.
  • Flat/Rocker: Boards with rockered edges and a flat section in the middle, they are excellent for harder snow and floating on softer powder.
  • Camber: Slightly lifted edges and center, which provides a stable ride, responsiveness. Those who love racing downhill will enjoy these.
  • Rocker: the reverse camber, which are basically tips and tails that are facing up. They’re excellent for fresh powder, and park rides. They easy to turn with, with a somewhat “surfing” feel to them.
  • Camber/Rocker: A combination profile, that provides the sharp turning of rockers, and a great edge hold from its camber side.


Now that you’re armed with the right knowledge, you’re ready to make a decision! Just make sure you understand the differences between your body and the different boards available. Snowboards are an extension of your body when you’re out in the slopes. As such, riders everywhere should take into consideration their body composition/measurements before making any final purchases.

Remember, these boards will be with you for many years, and the more suited they are to you specifically, the faster you will improve. After all, it’s all about having fun, and nothing is more enjoyable than learning fast and shredding it with the best of them in the slopes!


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