8 Best Turkey Decoys 2020 – Simplified User’s Guide

Growing up around hunters meant countless hours spent in the woods waiting. Back then, we didn’t use to spend money on decoys. Finding a convincing model was simply too difficult. Thankfully, as the art of hunting has evolved, so too has the hunter’s arsenal. Nowadays, manufacturers can develop ultra-realistic looking models of toms, hens, jakes, and whatever other possible configuration you’d like to bring.

Best Turkey Decoys

From budget-friendly decoys that work at a distance to lifelike rubber and plastic birds that could fool a seasoned hunter. There is almost no limit to their effectiveness. Even better, by adding feathers, fans, beards, and other pieces from previous hunts, you can make them even more believable.  Still, if you’re trying to find the best readily available models, you’ll be happy to know we have you covered. Read below to discover the top 8 turkey decoys available!

Top 8 Best Turkey Decoys 2020

Dave Smith Hens Review
Dave Smith Hens
Editor’s Choice
18 lbs
Dakota Decoy X-Treme Jake Review
Primos GobStopper Jake and Hen Pair Review
Primos GobStopper Jake and Hen Pair
Best Jake and Hen Pair
5 lbs
Avian-X Breeder Review
Avian-X Breeder
Best Single Breeder
3.57 lbs
Montana Decoy’s Purr-fect Review
Montana Decoy’s Purr-fect
Most Versatile Hen
1.7 lbs
Dave Smith Turkey Strutter Review
Dave Smith Turkey Strutter
Best Strutter Decoy
7 lbs
Cherokee 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoy Review
Avian-X Feeder Review
Avian-X Feeder
Best Single Feeder
13.6 lbs

1.  Dave Smith Hens – Editor’s Choice

Dave Smith Hens Review

One of the, if not, the best hen model in the market, Dave Smith’s Hens are sure to please. These hyper-realistic and high-end products are certain to fool any tom that spots them from any distance. Featuring an incredible paint job and realistic proportions, don’t be surprised if a hunter falls for their ploy as well.

Dave Smith offers their hens in a variety of poses and configurations, but all of them are of excellent quality. However, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one, as all of their models are carefully crafted with the utmost care and detail.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a submissive, feeding, or even standing, you won’t have any problems catching prey. Additionally, they’re designed to last due to their stainless steel build.

If money is not an issue, get yourself one or two of Dave Smith’s Hens, these models will fool anything in range! Making them the perfect tool for any hunter, and our Editor’s Choice for top 8 Turkey Decoys! Get one now!


  • Plenty of setups available
  • Durable
  • Easy to set-up


  • Expensive and high-end

2. Dakota Decoy X-Treme Jake – Runner-Up

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Jake Review

Toms don’t like it when jakes step on their territory, and stepping on territories is exactly where Dakota Decoy’s X-Treme Jake shines. Featuring a posture that says I’m young, single, and ready to mingle, this decoy will antagonize any experienced tom that waddles its way.

The X-Treme jake exudes confidence using a combination of colors, realism, and stability, making it a deadly tool for hunters everywhere. Additionally, it’s solidly built, ensuring it will stay with you for more than just a few hunts.

Finally, the package includes a bag for ease of carry, and can be easily stowed away once you’re finished.

If you’re hunting in an area filled with dominant toms, this upstart decoy is sure to rile their feathers. Don’t waste your time trying to convince them to mate, when you can bring a fight instead! Get your X-Treme Jake now!


  • Realistic
  • Extremely durable
  • Solid staking system for stability in windy environments


  • Does not collapse

3. Primos GobStopper Jake and Hen Pair – Best Jake and Hen Pair

Primos GobStopper Jake and Hen Pair Review

A simple, but deadly combination, Primo’s Gobstopper Jake and Hen Pair is the key to success. This type of setup allows you to create a scenario that will drive dominant toms wild with jealousy. By placing a submissive hen close to an upstart jake, you’re setting yourself up for success and dooming your prey to an early death.

Highly realistic, and easily transported due to their collapsible design, you’re certain to be pleased. Additionally, you can change the hen’s posture in order to make a plethora of scenarios.

Moreover, they come with a mesh bag for carrying them. A simple, yet extremely effective setup, the Jake and Hen Pair will help you score kill after kill. Don’t hesitate to get yours here.


  • One of the most effective combinations
  • Great price
  • Highly realistic


  • Materials are stiff making it hard to remove them if you need to move quickly

4. Avian-X Breeder – Best Single Breeder

Avian-X Breeder Review

If you’re in the market for a decoy that brings all the toms to the yard, look no further than Avian-X’s Breeder. Hyper realistic and easy to carry, this little hen stays in a receptive posture, ready for any attractive male to impress her.

Sitting in a squatting position, exposing her rump with dropped wings, it’s sure to lure whatever tom happens upon it. This particular decoy will provide hunters with ample time to make a shot, as the male prepares to mate with the “hen”.

Pair it with a jake or tom decoy, and it will make a powerful combo. If you’re in need of hyper-realistic breeding female decoy, you won’t need to look further than the Avian-X Breeder. This hen is sure to bring even the shyest of toms into range! Get yours now!


  • Excellent details and paint job
  • Durable
  • Collapsible for transportation


  • Seal quality can be iffy if mishandled

5. Montana Decoy’s Purr-fect – Most Versatile Hen

Montana Decoy’s Purr-fect Review

Sometimes, versatility is the key to a successful hunt, and for those moments, Montana Decoy’s Purr-fect has you covered. More than just a tool, this hen is the perfect companion for those days where you want to travel light.

Multi-pose decoys as the name implies can be arranged in a variety of poses. By using the patented Perfect Pose Technology, the Purr-fect achieves a level of control like no other. Shifting easily from feeding, standing, submissive, and more, you’re certain to fall in love.

But, where does the purr-fect stand in terms of realism? You’ll be happy to know that it’s pretty high on that category as well.


  • Versatile
  • Realistic
  • Compact for ease of carry


  • Packing the decoy is a bit difficult at first

6. Dave Smith Turkey Strutter – Best Strutter Decoy

Dave Smith Turkey Strutter Review

Capable of fooling even a seasoned hunter’s keen eyesight, Dave Smith’s Strutter excels in realism and believability. This decoy has an extremely detailed appearance that combines coloration, posture, and some of the most realistic feather designs possible.  You’ll be hard pressed to believe this turkey wasn’t alive at one point.

Furthermore, you can improve this design by using your bits and pieces from previous hunts. Adding tails, wings, or beards, allows you to turn it into the realest tom in the woods.

However, all this realism does come with a downside; it’s heavy and bulky weighing around 10lbs. If carrying a heavy turkey is not an issue, the Turkey Strutter is for you! Hyper realistic and easily modified into an even deadlier tool for fooling toms, this decoy is no slouch. Get yours now!


  • Awesome Stake System
  • Durable
  • Hyper-realistic


  • Bulky

7. Cherokee 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoy – Best 4-Pack

Cherokee 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoy Review

When just one decoy is not enough, your best bet is to bring a pack with you into the fold. For that reason, Cherokee’s 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoy is the best bet. This economical set is cheap, effective, and most importantly, convincing.

Featuring one jake, and three hens (standing, submissive, and feeding), this set will convince any dominant tom to strut his stuff. After all, no lowly jake will move in on his territory, not while there are females waiting to be bred in the zone.

An inflatable design makes them easy to fit anywhere (even your pockets), and extremely simple to carry. Flock setups are easy, when all you need to do is buy a single product. For that reason, the Cherokee 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoy makes the perfect combo for a hunter on a budget! Get it now!


  • Extremely easy to store and carry
  • Perfect for flock setups
  • Great Price


  • Stiff movement

8. Avian-X Feeder – Best Single Feeder

Avian-X Feeder Review

If breeding is not what you’re looking for from Avian-X, then take a look at their Feeder. Perfect for the fall season, when the turkeys are prepping for the cold. This decoy will make any male feel safe and eager to approach a feeding plot, while searching for company and a meal.

Smaller than an average turkey, it’s easy to carry or store in a rucksack.  Lifelike and realistic, it also has an extremely convincing appearance, all of which is complemented by its durability. Even seasoned hunters will be fooled by its realism.

From a realistic network of feathers to miniscule details, Avian-X spared no expense in creating this piece of art.

Nothing makes a turkey feel safer than a quiet feeding plot, and Avian-X’s Feeder will quickly lull Tom’s into a false sense of security. Don’t spend your whole evening making calls without substance, bring your Feeder with you, and watch yourself score kill after kill.


  • Extremely realistic
  • Collapsible for transportation
  • Durable


  • Leg/Stake quality is not the best

How to Find the Best Turkey Decoy

How to Find the Best Turkey Decoy

1. Know the Different Types of Decoys

Turkey decoys come in several flavors. Knowing these and understanding their uses is crucial for a successful hunt. The different types of turkey decoys are as follows:

  • Jakes: A Jake is a young, yet sexually mature male turkey. Due to their age jakes are smaller and less intimidating than a fully-grown tom (with smaller beaks and beards, etc.). A hunter can successfully employ these by using their smaller size to lure any dominant toms in the area. The mature turkeys will try to drive the young jake away from their territory without realizing it’s a dummy.
  • Hen: A fully-developed female turkey, these are the perfect decoy for breeding season during spring. You can find these in a variety of postures, and can be easily employed in a variety of scenarios. They also come in plenty of colors.
  • Tom: A fully matured male turkey. These can be found in a variety of positions and configurations. From basic walks to full struts, and anything in between.  You’ll find that these decoys can be effective tools in drawing in other dominant males that don’t want any competition. Alternatively, using less intimidating tom decoys can help you bring in more timid turkeys into your fold.

2. More or Less?

Owning a large quantity of decoys can be effective in certain setups. Numbers don’t really matter as much when hunting turkeys as it would with ducks or geese. Certain patterns, however, do benefit from a large number of decoys such as the winter flock patterns.  If you’re hunting during a different season, your best bet lies in high-quality convincing decoys.

3. Is that all I need?

For the most part, a good decoy setup will work wonders if they’re spotted by the right tom. However, the best strategy will always rely on a combination of tools. In order to improve your odds to the highest chances, you’ll need to use both calls and decoys simultaneously. Using this combo will make the setups even more convincing than if you just left them standing there quietly.

Don’t forget to get some decoy stakes either. They are another item you want to bring with you as without them, your models will get easily caught by the wind.

Setting-up Turkey Decoys

Strategy is everything when it comes to hunting turkeys. Thankfully, there are plenty of strategies available to choose from. The key to remember when placing your decoys, however, is setting them up within the effective range of your weapon.

If your goal is to bag a turkey, there is no need to make the shot harder than required. Simply place the decoy in a close range and position yourself accordingly. If you’re aware of turkeys in the vicinity, remember to scout the place in order to learn their travel patterns. This will allow you to anticipate their entry and exit points.

Once you have assessed the situation keep in mind the four types of arrangements:

  • Breeding
  • Fighting
  • Feeding
  • Harem

Each of them offers different advantages and you’ll want to keep them in mind when you’re out hunting. For more details on them read below.

1. Breeding Setup


  • 1 Jake Decoy
  • 1 Submissive Hen Decoy

Positioning a jake decoy directly in front of a submissive hen decoy, will rile any dominant tom who happens to see them. This setup is extremely effective and works best by placing the decoys in a highly visible location. Try to anticipate the directions the toms will be approaching from (and face them in that direction). If they’re spotted by a dominant male, he won’t hesitate to approach them in order to establish his superiority. This will give you the perfect opportunity to strike.

2. Fighting Setup


  • 1 Jake Decoy
  • 1 Tom Decoy
  • 1-3 Feeding Hen Decoys
  • 1-2 Standing Hen Decoys
  • A Call for purrs and wing flaps

Alpha male toms love establishing their dominance in the pecking order.  You can capitalize on this behavior during the spring season by creating a pseudo fighting arena.

Placing your two males in a stand-off position (facing each other), and surrounding them with the hens decoys establishes this particular setup.  Nearby aggressive toms will not be able to resist a good battle, allowing you to get them right where you want them.

Use your calls to simulate the sounds of fighting or a show of dominance and watch the birds come.

The only downside to this particular setup is that any beta tom in the area will flee in a panic.

3. Harem


  • 3-5 Hen Decoys
  • 1 Jake Decoy

By fooling toms into believing a pack of females is leaving the area, you’ll bring them right into your sights. This particular setup works because males will pursue multiple hens in an effort to mate with all of them.

You can capitalize on this behavior by placing the female decoys outside an open field or food plot. Just behind them you’ll place the jake as if it were pursuing them. This will fool the mature tom into thinking they’re an easy target. He’ll rush in trying to get to them before the jake does, giving you an easy shot.

4. Feeding Time


  • 1-2 Feeding Hen Decoys
  • 1 Jake Decoy

Toms love nothing more than ruining a young jakes attempt at mating. You can use this to your advantage by using this specific setup.

You diagonally place one or two hens in a food plot or open field to simulate feeding time. Ensure they’re facing your blind spot, but place the jake immediately behind them (facing towards you). Establish the placement in a manner that guarantees the tom enters and spots the jake immediately.

The tom will approach the jake in an attempt to interrupt their mating act. Act quickly and shoot to kill, done!


Hunting has evolved, our tactics, techniques, and tools have all changed for the better. Decoys are a natural evolution of this process, and with their increased realism, success continues shifting in our favor. Using turkey decoys effectively relies on a combination of tactics and creativity; thankfully, you already have all the knowledge necessary. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, keep in mind your environment, and never underestimate your prey. By successfully employing a combination of calls, smart placement, and realism, you maximize the odds of fooling a tom. Just remember to have fun and do your best, experimenting as much as possible every time you go out. By the time you realize it, you’ll have bagged more turkeys than you could possibly want.


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