Top 8 Best Turkey Calls in 2020 – Get Knowledge Before Buying

A true hunter uses every tool at his disposal while seeking their prey. By using the environment to their advantage, and mastering their arsenal, they can easily overcome almost every challenge. Hunting calls specifically offer the tactical benefits of drawing your prey towards their predator.

Top 8 Best Turkey Calls in 2019

As such, any turkey hunter worth their salt will attest to the advantages these tools offer. However, with so many turkey calls available, how can you find the best ones? Well, if you’re reading this, you can find out with our list of the top 8 best turkey calls.

Top 8 Best Turkey Calls in 2020

Lynch World Champion Review
Lynch World Champion
Best Turkey Box Call
0.4 lbs
WoodHaven Ninja Tube Review
WoodHaven Ninja Tube
Best Tube Call
125 lbs
WoodHaven Legend Slate Review
WoodHaven Legend Slate
Best Slate Call
70 lbs
WoodHaven Legend Slate Review
20 lbs
H.S. Strut Premium Flex 4-Pack Review
H.S. Strut Premium Flex 4-Pack
Best Diaphragm Call
Primos Wing Bone Yelper Review
Primos Wing Bone Yelper
Best Wingbone Call
Primos Power Crow Review
Primos Power Crow
Best Turkey Locator Call
0.05 lbs
Lynch Fool Proof Review
Lynch Fool Proof
Best Beginner Call

With so many types of calls available, we couldn’t just focus on one kind. As such, we searched everywhere for the best in each category to bring you the top choices you want!

1. Lynch World Champion – Best Turkey Box Call

Lynch World Champion Review

Easily one of the best box calls in the market, Lynch’s World Champion does not disappoint. This company has been around for almost a century and their products keep improving constantly.

The World Champion is a versatile call that can make a variety of sounds thanks to its two-sided design. One side will make generic gobbler calls whole the other is better suited for hen sounds.  From clucks, gobbles, yelps, purrs, and even cuts, it can make it all.

It’s also great for making rich sounds as it produces great pitch, tone, and volume. In fact the World Champion is so effective, you don’t even need to keep it attached via the built-in rubber bands. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no problems using it as you prefer.

A world class turkey call, Lynch’s World Champion is versatile and effective! This call’s double-sided design can be potentially hard to use if you’re right handed, but otherwise produces high-quality sounds and offers excellent durability. Get one soon!


  • Highly Versatile
  • Produces great sounds
  • High Quality Materials


  • The hen side can be hard to use if you’re right handed

2. WoodHaven Ninja Tube – Best Tube Call

WoodHaven Ninja Tube Review

Tube calls are some of the hardest types of turkey calls to master, but once you figure out Woodhaven’s Ninja Tube, you’ll end up falling in love. Producing rich sounds, this particular call is capable of creating some of the most convincing turkey noises possible.

With a little bit of time and effort, you’ll be riling up turkeys left and right, and thanks to its solid walnut construction the durability of this product is through the roof.

The Ninja Tube is also extremely loud, making it perfectly suitable for loud and windy conditions that could make other calls less effective. Moreover, with the amount of pitches and tones you can create, you’ll never be at a loss regardless of the scenario.

Hunters willing to dedicate their time to mastering their calls, the Ninja Tube is for you! This call might take some time to learn, but once you do, you’ll have an effective companion that is perfect for those windy days in the woods. Get yourself one, and take the time to be the best tube caller out there!


  • Extremely Loud
  • Versatile
  • Solid Walnut Build for Durability


  • Hard to learn and master

3. WoodHaven Legend Slate – Best Slate Call

WoodHaven Legend Slate Review

Capable of generating some of the most realistic yelps, purrs, and clucks, Woodhaven’s Legend Slate, is a fantastic tool in any hunter’s kit. Crafted out of high quality slate, and sanded down to the perfect levels of thickness, you’ll be calling in turkeys left and right with this call.

However, if you’re worried about the call breaking apart, fear not as it is set in a walnut cup for extra durability. The surface conditioning kit, surface saver lid, and even two strikers make a perfect complement to the call, allowing you to give it all the necessary maintenance by yourself.

It’s also extremely easy to use, with the general user experience typically consisting of watching a few online videos.

For hunters who love using slate calls, this is definitely one to look forward towards buying. The Legend slate call creates extremely realistic sounds, and is easy to master! Don’t wait around for the opportunity to pass up get one here!


  • Easy to learn
  • Produces a variety of extremely convincing turkey sounds
  • Brings a maintenance kit


  • Expensive
  • The brand does not provide instructions on how to condition the call with the kit

4. Knight & Hale Push/Pull Magnet Box Call – Best Push/Pull Call

Knight & Hale Push/Pull Magnet Box Call Review

For hunters who prefer shotguns over rifles there is no better call than K&H’s Magnet Box. Attaching to your shotgun receiver via the use of magnets, it stands as one of the most innovative calls on the market, and with good reason.

By providing the hunter with the ability to keep their hands close to the gun, they are able to retain higher reactions times. Additionally, the Magnet Box is known for producing excellent quality clucks, yelps and purrs, making it both pragmatic and versatile. But, that’s not the only area where the Magnet Box shines, as it is also extremely user friendly.

You can operate the call via the use of a single finger, and it’s fairly easy to master the different tones after a bit of practice.

Shotgun hunters need look no further; the Magnet Box has your back. This easily operated call is the perfect companion for your next turkey hunting endeavors!


  •         One handed operation
  •         Great Quality Sounds
  •         Good Price


  •         Magnets could stand to be stronger

 5.  H.S. Strut Premium Flex 4-Pack Best Diaphragm Call

H.S. Strut Premium Flex 4-Pack Review

Any seasoned hunter will attest to a turkey’s keen eyesight, whose acuity allow them to detect even the slightest movement. For that reason, some hunters will swear by the total superiority of diaphragm calls and H.S. Premium Flex is one of the best!

Easy to learn and requiring minimal air to use, this call is an excellent gateway for rookies looking to start using diaphragm calls. Each of the calls on this product have their own name and specialty, making it possible for you to make almost any single sound a turkey makes.

You might be worried about the durability of the latex, but fear not as H.S. uses “infinity latex” which is recognized for its consistent reliability, durability, and comfort. It is also extremely comfortable allowing you to wear it for hours on end.

Diaphragm calls are versatile and effective, and once mastered can produce a multitude of sounds with minimal movements required. This makes them the most effective stealth calls in the market, and H.S.’s Strut Premium Flex are a fantastic choice for those looking to blend in perfectly with their environment. Get it now!


  • Easy to master
  • Durable
  • Small sizes means it’s easy to fit and comfortable


  • The small size does make it harder to keep in place if you have a larger mouth.

6. Primos Wing Bone Yelper – Best Wingbone Call

Primos Wing Bone Yelper Review

For the most part, hunters will make their own wingbone call with their own trophy birds (as they are typically fashioned from actual wing bones). But, in some cases such with Primos’ Wing Bone Yelper, they don’t need to go through such efforts.

While this call is primarily advertised for yelps, it won’t stop any hunter from producing other sounds such as clucks. Additionally, it’s capable of producing both soft and loud noises, making it perfect for any situation.

Finally, if you’re worried about mouth placement, fear not as it comes with a “kisser button” that helps you avoid placing your lips farther than they need to be.

Wingbone calls usually cost a lot of money since they tend to be custom made, but this is a great entry point for beginners looking to practice with them. Capable of producing excellent sounds, you’re sure to love Primos’ Wing Bone Yelper! Get it now!


  • Excellent sound quality
  • “Kisser Button” guides your lips
  • Awesome price


  • Takes practice to master

7. Primos Power Crow – Best Turkey Locator Call

Primos Power Crow Review

Inexpensive and extremely effective, Primo’s Power Crow needs no introduction. Capable of producing a wide variety of tones and pitches, this call is certain to “shock” the living daylights out of any nearby gobblers.

This call produces an extremely loud sound, which is the perfect way to entice turkeys into giving away their location. It’s also great for bringing in crows (in case turkey hunting fails).

However, do keep in mind that you can’t just pick up this call and expect to use it right away. Effectively using the Power Crow requires some patience and practice, once you get it down. Especially, since most rookies complain about it sounding like a kazoo initially.

Hunters looking to spook up some turkeys need to look no further than Primo’s Power Crow! Effective and cheap, you won’t regret getting one!


  • Loud and Effective
  • Makes extremely convincing crow noises
  • Cheap


  • Sounds like a kazoo if you don’t know what you’re doing

8. Lynch Fool Proof – Best Beginner Call

Lynch Fool Proof Review

New hunters need every advantage they can get; thankfully, Lynch’s Fool Proof has their back. This is one of the easiest calls to use on the market.

This call is unique in how simple and consistent it sounds, perfectly capable of being used by both experts and newbies alike. Additionally, it’s made with mahogany which gives it quite a bit of durability.

The Fool Proof as the name implies makes it hard to mess up note with its intriguing design. The ridge specifically prevents the call from travelling farther than the box needs to while making sounds.  Furthermore, the notes produces are rich and full, ensuring toms everywhere will be lured by this siren’s song.

The perfect entry point for any new hunter and a trusted companion for veterans alike, Lynch’s Fool Proof is nobody’s fool. Get yours now!


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Rich Sounds


  • The pivot point and spring can create metallic sounds if improperly cared for.

Choosing a Turkey Call (A Simplified Buyers Guide)

Choosing Best Turkey Calls

There are over a hundred different turkey call manufacturers out there, with each one putting a different spin on their products.  Because of that, they all have their own quirks, sounds, shapes, and sizes. These differences might seem superficial, but they ultimately affect the sounds made by the call.  For that reason, while some calls will always bring home the bacon (turkey bacon that is) a few might just make them flee in terror.

However, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes one call effective vice a total dud. Seasoned hunters can actually mitigate some of the differences by mastering their favorite ones. Over time, any hunter can master their own set of calls, but until then they must find the best ones to start with.

1. Knowing Your Calls

A hunter must first know what he needs before making any purchases. For that reason, you’ll want to research the different types of calls available. Each one works in their own unique fashion and features distinct sounds.

In our list, we covered the top choices for all of these, but if you’d like more information here they are:

  • Push and Pull: Turkey calling doesn’t get any simpler than this. Definitely the easiest turkey calls to use and master. Most hunters start out using these ones because they can be used quickly and with a single hand.  These calls create a sound by pushing and pulling on a striker plate. If you’re just starting out, you’re going to definitely want one of these.
  • Slate Calls: Using friction to create a sound, these turkey calls can be made out of multiple types of material. By using a strike to product a sound via rubbing of the surface, you can create a variety of turkey sounds. You can also know them as friction calls.
  • Diaphragm Calls: Probably the best type of turkey calls available (speaking in tactical terms of course), but also the hardest to master. These produce the most realistic turkey sounds by placing a piece of stretched latex over reed. You can use one by placing it inside your mouth and blowing air out of your diaphragm (hence the name) through the reed thus producing sound.
  • Tube Calls: One of the most versatile types of calls, these can pretty much make any type of sound a turkey does. Consisting of a hollow barrel with latex affixed the upper half via the use of an elastic band; they are hard to master, but extremely useful.
  • Wingbone Calls: As the name implies, these calls made out of turkey bones. You won’t usually find anyone selling these, unless you’re looking for artisan hunters, and for good reason. Manufacturers don’t make these.  You can find basic instructions on how to build one online and probably should make your own after a few successful trips. They’re extremely effective though, with seasoned hunters swearing upon their effectiveness. Nevertheless, if you’re still unconvinced, look up the history on these, Native Americans have been using these for thousands of years.
  • Locator Call: Using a variety of natural sounds, these types of call will not draw the tom towards you, but instead allow you to pinpoint their general vicinity in order to find them. These use a variety of natural sounds to make a turkey gobble in surprise. Afterwards, you’ll need to use the other calls if you intend to draw him in.
  • Box Call: Using friction to produce sounds, the box call is one of the easiest ones to master (especially for new hunters). They’re typically crafted with wood, featuring thin edges and a lid. You will use the lid part of the call to either slide across the surface or strike against the edges, producing a variety of sounds.

2. Practice with every new call

Each call will have slight variations based on brand and product (even for the same type of call). For that reason, giving a call some test runs before setting off to the woods is crucial. Don’t ever fall under the assumption that because you know how to use one type of call, you can use any of them.

Rookie hunters especially need to practice the different sounds they can make with their calls as well as their effectiveness. The first part is easily done anywhere, but the second requires field experience. Especially since the best way to improve after you know how to make the different sounds, is to test out their effectiveness.

3. Diversity is key

Don’t just buy one type of call and think you’re good. Veteran hunters will tell you that the key to success is being versatile. You should bring a few different types of calls whenever you’re going turkey hunting.

Not only will this help you find your prey, but they serve different purposes. If you’re out in the clear, with no turkey in sight any call will do. However, if you’re moving around and can’t use your hands the diaphragm calls are life savers. Alternatively, if you still not sure that there are any toms in your area, a locator call can do wonders for you.

Equipping yourself with a diverse set of calls will maximize your chances, and you should consider these before buying a single one.

4. Realism

No matter how good you are with using each call, it’s nothing if the sounds produced from the call aren’t realistic enough to fool the turkeys. A well designed call will sound more realistic to toms than one whose design is flawed. However, please keep in mind that this factor is also relative to the turkeys in your area, which will have different variations of their sounds based on their habitat.

Calls themselves vary in range, sounds, and volume, but once mastered, you can compensate for any potential design flaws with skill.

5. Durability and Material

One major aspect you should always pay attention to is the durability of the call. Certain materials (such as wood) will often be more durable, but they have the unfortunate possibility of coming apart if you get them wet. For that reason, try to find ones that are marked as water resistant.

Additionally, the as mentioned earlier, the material will inevitably affect the sound. Even if you mastered using wooden calls to the best possible level, you’re not guaranteed to see the same success with other products (even if they’re the same type of call)


Every turkey call is unique and offers their own set of pros and cons. Just remember that a good turkey hunter knows the advantages of owning multiple calls. Mastering each one will ensure you’re ready for any situation that could arise. But, please keep in mind that simply owning them doesn’t equate to instant success. Take your time, practice with each one, and once you’re ready, be prepared to test out your arsenal in the field.


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