12 Best Snowboard Boots for Men and Women 2020

Whether you’re shredding snow on the mountain, chilling at a snow resort, or carving it like a champ during the company ski trip, you’ll want to be ready for anything. For that reason, not only will you want to wear the proper attire, but also the proper equipment for the climate.

Best Snowboard Boots

Top 12 Best Snowboard Boots for Men and Women

Flex Rating
Burton Swath Boa Snowboard Boots 2020 Review
Burton Swath Boa Boots 2020
Editor’s Choice for Men
Thirtytwo Binary BOA Snowboard Boots Review
DC Tuckness Snowboard Boots Review
K2 Ryker Snowboard Boots Review
K2 Ryker
Coolest Features
Rome Inferno Snowboard Boots Review
Rome Inferno
Best Fit
DC’s Mutiny Lace Men’s Snowboard Boots Review
DC’s Mutiny Lace
Best Direct Lacing Boots
Burton Felix Boa 2020 Womens’s Snowboard Boots Review
Burton Felix Boa 2020
Editor’s Choice for Women
Thirtytwo Shifty BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots Review
Thirtytwo Shifty BOA Women’s Boots
Best Women’s Beginner
Salomon Kiana Focus Snowboard Boots Review
DC Karma Snowboard Boots Review
K2 Haven Snowboard Boots Review
K2 Haven Snowboard Boots
Best Customizable Fit
Burton’s Mint Snowboard Boots Review

However, one important, yet often underappreciated piece of gear is the snowboard boots. Wearing a fitted pair that sit correctly and comfortably on your feet will inevitably become the difference between a thrilling day at the mountain or a total bust.

Ultimately, understanding the factors that go into choosing the perfect pair for you will be the key, and that isn’t always easy. But, with our guide at hand, you’ll have an easy time choosing the ones that are best for you!

Top 6 Best Snowboard Boots for Men 2020

1. Burton Swath Boa Snowboard Boots 2020 – Editor’s Choice

Burton Swath Boa Snowboard Boots 2020 Review

Burton is no stranger to quality snowboard products, and the Swaths are no exception to this rule. Featuring a medium flex that provides the perfect balance between performance and comfort, you’ll be riding smoothly down the trails with these darlings.

Burton’s Swath are also extremely practical, featuring a solid Ultraweave Shell that gives it plenty of water resistance and durability, capable of withstanding even the craziest of wipeouts.

However, if you’re more inclined to prioritize comfort, fear not as these are designed to feel great even as soon as you pull them out of the box. A rubber GripLITE Backstay makes it lighter than other products, reducing the overall fatigue on your feet.

Burton hit it out of the park with their Swaths, and while they might have a limited color scheme, their practical design makes them a fantastic choice for beginners and experts alike. Get yourself a pair now!


  • Snow-proofed build to keep snow away from your feet
  • Light and comfortable
  • Versatile


  • Limited color palette

2. Thirtytwo Binary BOA Snowboard Boots – Runner-up

Thirtytwo Binary BOA Snowboard Boots Review

If you’re an intermediate rider that is looking to take their game to the next level, Thirtytwo, has the perfect snowboard boots for you with their Binary BOA. These performance pair of snowboarding boots are designed to give you ample control and stability while going downhill at high speeds, and landing some crazy jumps.

The Binary BOA are also made to make the most out of their key features, while helping you succeed in the trail. Featuring an internal harness that provides ample support, flexibility, and stability to remain steady while riding, all the way to the sole that is meant to cradle and cushion your heel, while providing plenty of arch support.

Moreover, a 1:1 size rating means you’re not going to be struggling to decide whether you need one size higher or lower, as they feature half sizes.

Looking to do some sick jumps and shred some powder, then look no further than the Thirtytwo Binary BOA Snowboard Boots!


  • True half-sizes
  • Durable
  • Weather proof


  • Takes a bit of time to break them in

3. DC Tuckness Snowboard Boots – Most Stylish

DC Tuckness Snowboard Boots Review

Stylish and crafted with high quality materials, these darlings are perfect for going downhill and shredding some fresh powder.  An asymmetrical design gives them an unique look, that is fresh and cool looking, perfect for those who love tradition with their old-school laces.

However, practicality is always the name of the game and the Aerotech Ventilation helps keep sweat away from your feet, while keeping you toasty as you ride (especially if you’re planning to ride all day). However, if you’re worried about feeling uncomfortable, worry not as its TPU molded arch support gives you plenty of balance, stability, and added comfort.

An excellent choice for intermediates and advanced riders who want to test out their skills! The DC Tuckness Snowboard Boots make a stylish choice for even the fussiest of riders! Buy a pair now.


  • Stylish
  • Excellent sweat wicking capabilities
  • True to size


  • Hard to put on the first few times

4. K2 Ryker Snowboard Boots – Coolest Features

K2 Ryker Snowboard Boots Review

An all-rounder pair of boots that is perfect for riders of almost any level, especially if they’re on a tight budget! A medium flex (leaning on the softer side), plus a lightweight construction makes these an excellent choice for boarders looking to get even more serious about the sport.

A 3-point harness system will ensure your heels stay in place, and ready for anything, making sure you’re always ready for an awesome ride.

The Harshmellow impact protection is great for dampening impacts and absorbing vibrations, lessening the impact that riding has on your legs and lessening overall fatigue after a long day.

With plenty of features, and a cool looking design, K2’s Ryker boots make an excellent choice for almost any riders. Don’t wait to get a pair!


  • Highly versatile
  • Plenty of features
  • Decent price


  • Runs a bit on the large side

5.  Rome Inferno Snowboard Boots – Best Fit

Rome Inferno Snowboard Boots Review

Rome is a brand known for their longevity and a top-of-the-line fit on their products, their Inferno snowboard boots are no slouch in this department. Designed to keep your heat all warm and toasty during long trips to the mountain, their design incorporates plenty of features to keep the snow away from your feet, and drive the power to your board.

A Heat Moldable Performance Foam Liner contorts to the size of your feet as well as their temperature, essentially adjusting to your feet automatically. Moreover, a Double BOA lacing system means these boots are probably the best fitting snowboard boots in the market!

Riders looking to get a comfortable pair of boots with a stiff flex don’t have to look any further than Rome’s Inferno Snowboard Boots, get your pair now!


  • Easy to adjust
  • Excellent Fit
  • Nifty adjustment features


  • Takes time to get used to all the self-adjusting features

6. DC’s Mutiny Lace Men’s Snowboard Boots – Best Direct Lacing Boots

DC’s Mutiny Lace Men’s Snowboard Boots Review

If you’ve ever wanted to use Snowboard Boots that felt as comfortable as your comfiest pair of skating shoes look no further than DC’s Mutiny Snowboard Boots. These boots ascribe to the old tried and true method of adjusting your feet, and use a simple design that is reliable and convenient.

You’ll definitely want to shred some major powder while wearing these babies, especially since their Impact S Insole is designed to reduce overall fatigue on your feet. Allowing you to ride all day long without feeling the natural consequences of being on your feet for too long.

Ultimately, the goal of these boots are to be used for freestyle riders, and you’ll love the feeling of joy that wearing them gives you!

DC’s Mutiny Snowboard boots are sure to please those who want to want lace their own boots, but those who prefer ease of adjustment over practicality are best looking elsewhere!


  • Simple design
  • Reliable
  • Durable


  • Have to be adjusted manually

Top 6 Best Snowboard Boots for Women 2020

1. Burton Felix Boa 2020 – Editor’s Choice

Burton Felix Boa 2020 Womens’s Snowboard Boots Review

Burton’s Felix BOA snowboard boots are some of the best available in the market for women. These babies are built to tackle almost anything that life can throw your way, and if you’re a mature woman looking to shred some powder, then these babies are for you.

A medium flex that leans toward the stiffer side, provides a nice balance between performance and comfort that is sure to please even the hardiest of riders. Then again, if you’re looking to make the most out of your ride and avoid feeling pain in your feet, this pair of boots feels great from day one thanks to their Total Comfort Construction.

However, if you’re still not convinced, just one quick look at the variety of features the boots have and you’ll be changing your tune in no time.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, you’ll definitely want to purchase a pair of Burton’s Felix BOA Snowboard Boots!


  • Numerous features
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • Only two color schemes

2. Thirtytwo Shifty BOA – Best Women’s Beginner

Thirtytwo Shifty BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots Review

Comfort is something most riders will look for in snowboard boots and the Shifty BOA are some of the best available in terms of comfortability. These boots are a great choice for beginners who are just looking to hit their first few layers of powder. Thirtytwo’s Shifty Snowboard boots are crafted with Evolution Foam to cushion any vibrations that might be caused by those rough patches of snow!

Their design also makes them an excellent choice for mastering turns, and even hitting steeper slopes as you speed up while going downhill.

However, if convenience is more up your alley, worry not as they are super easy to adjust.

For those beginners who want to seek the ultimate comfort in the slopes, Twirtytwo’s Shifty Snowboard Boots are the ultimate choice! Buy a pair now!


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Only for beginners

3. Salomon Kiana Focus Snowboard Boots – Balanced

Salomon Kiana Focus Snowboard Boots Review

A practical and functional pair of snowboard boots that is both comfortable and easy to adjust! Salomon’s Kiana Focus Snowboard boots are excellent. These boots feel like walking on a cloud, and their medium flex makes them a perfect choice for whatever terrain you’re tackling.

You’ll also be shredding the snow all day long thanks to their Ortholite C2 Footbed which is designed to keep your feet feeling, cool, dry, and comfy, while you’re at the slopes or the lodge.

We recommend trying these boots on personally before making a purchase, but if you can find the perfect size for you, then you’re totally going to love Salomon’s Kiana Focus!


  • Cute and stylish
  • Comfortable and practical
  • Well balanced


  • Sizing might be an issue

4. DC Karma Snowboard Boots – Best Budget

DC Karma Snowboard Boots Review

If you’re looking for an excellent purchase that won’t break your bank account, DC’s Karma Snowboard Boots will leave you with enough in your bank account to plan that trip you’ve been wanting! An excellent choice for beginners and intermediate snowboarders, you’ll find their medium flex (sitting at an exact middle five out of ten) is the perfect balance of comfort and stability.

But, if you’re more concerned with style, fear not as these boots are incredibly cute, and fashionable. They also feature a multi-layer EVA memory foam liner known as the Red Liner, which helps make them extremely easy to fit, while simultaneously providing additional support to your feet.

For women who are looking to get a comfortable, yet effective pair of snowboard boots, the DC Karma Snowboard Boots are an excellent economical alternative! Find yourself a pair now!


  • Cute designs
  • Balanced and versatile
  • Easy to use


  • No half-sizes

5. K2 Haven Snowboard Boots – Best Customizable Fit

K2 Haven Snowboard Boots Review

A playful and capable pair of boots, the K2 Haven Snowboard Boots, will stick with you and even making falling fun! A soft flex makes them extremely forgiving, especially for those boarders who are just starting out, but if you’re more on the intermediate level, these boots will be the perfect pair for some sick jumps and fast trips down the slope.

However, if comfort is more up your alley, the patented Intuition Comfort Foam 3D liner will let you adjust your fit quickly and easily. Alternatively, a Rubber outsole provides you with ample traction on whatever type of hill you’re looking to conquer, whether it’s the park, summit, or simply heading back to your car.

These simple and effective boots will make your day at the park a fun day full of wonder and joy, regardless of whether you’re falling or going downhill at the speed of sound. Get them now!


  • Soft Flex
  • Great for beginners and intermediates
  • Easy to adjust


  • Overly simplistic design

6. Burton’s Mint Snowboard Boots – Most Playful

Burton's Mint Snowboard Boots Review

Burton’s reputation is well deserved and it’s boots like the Mint that have given it such recognition! These playful boots are light, forgiving, and excellent to ride with; they’re essentially the perfect companion for your board!

The Mints are great for tweaking your skills, and maximizing your potential, thanks to their soft flex and Women’s Specific True Fit design!

Designed for intermediates, but capable of sticking with you until you’re an advanced rider, the Mint Snowboard Boots are going to be with you, for a long time!

Burton is no slouch when it comes to snowboard boots and the Mint snowboard boots are no exception to this rule. Buy a pair now!


  • Excellent for advancing your skills
  • Soft Flex for a comfortable ride
  • Designed specifically to contort to a women’s riding stance


  • Dual lacing can be difficult to adjust at first

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide for Best Snowboard Boots

Buying a pair of snowboard boots isn’t as simple as buying a new pair of shoes, but with our simplified buying guide at your side, you’ll have an easier time choosing the perfect set for you. However, even with this knowledge, it’s important that you take your time before making any final purchases.

We also recommend going to a nearby board shop and trying them out, most of the time you’ll find a better deal online than there, but getting a direct feel for your boots before buying them will make a huge difference in the long run.

Take a note of the following factors before making any final decisions on your purchase:

Board/Boot Size Compatibility

Your boots and board should complement each other in many ways. One of area that is particularly important is their size compatibility. A pair of boots that properly complements your board will give you maximum control and leverage while going down the slopes. Wearing improperly sized snowboard boots will cause you to catch on the snow as well as compromising the functionality and control of the board.

To simply this, if your board is too narrow, you’ll end up dragging your heel and toes, meaning it’s easier to catch the edge of your boots while turning. Alternatively, a board that is too wide means you’ll be sacrificing overall control of the board.


People unfamiliar with snowboard boots will not know that there three types of common lacing systems used on these boots.

You’ll know these systems as the:

  • Traditional, which are easily customizable for the user, and can be adjusted for fit easily. They’re also cheaper to replace.
  • Speed, these are easily tightened and just as quickly loosened, they’re also easy to adjust. However, they’re not easy to repair, and rely on your own strength to tighten.
  • BOA, which are the most easily adjusted, and fit very nicely. These laces feature dials that can be manipulated for tightness quickly, even whilst wearing gloves. However, they are also expensive to replace.

They all come with their own respective set of advantages and disadvantages, but what you’ll want to know is that they have an impact on the adjustability and fit of your boots. The type of lace that you’ll use will eventually come to be just personal preference, and it will ultimately depend on your personal style.

Snowboard Socks

Look, snowboard socks and snowboard boots belong together like peanut butter and jelly go in sandwiches. In fact, they’re so important that if you decide to forget them and wear regular cotton socks you’ll end up paying for it in the long run. Snowboard socks contort to your feet and ankles, providing an overall better fit than regular socks could ever provide as well as decreasing the overall fatigue on your feet after a long day of boarding. Additionally, they’re great for reducing moisture, and retaining heat.


Snowboard boots feature three different flexes, which one you’ll want has everything to do with your riding style. The three categories are:

  • Soft, which is comfortable, and easy on your feet.
  • Medium, these providing a balance between mobility, comfort, and mobility.
  • Stiff, Which provides more control and stability.

Ultimately, whatever you choose will truly depend on your goals as a snowboarder, so find one that suits your need, and look in the description to find the flex.


When you’re choosing snowboard boots, you’ll want a pair that feels stable, tight, and fits snugly over your foot, while wrapping comfortably around the top of your ankle. This does mean that they will feel slightly harder while you’re leaning forward, but they’ll still let you move comfortably without creating pressure points. Ensure your toes only brush slightly against the front portion (toe box), and make sure the heel is firmly held by the heel cup. All of this is while they are fully laced, and you’re standing up.

You should not be feeling pressure on your toes or feet while wearing them (aside from the initial wear), so make sure you’re not curling your toes either as this will inevitably become painful.  When you’re ready to go, bend your legs into a ready stance, and you’ll feel as your toes recede slightly (this means you’re wearing them properly).

Over time, your boots will adjust to your feet, and they will feel less tight, this is a normal process in their use. But, keep in mind that snowboard boots aren’t like a regular pair of boots, they will fit tight the first time you wear them (even in your toes). If you go ahead and buy a pair that features a roomy interior, you’ll end up paying for it, when you experience foot cramps, and heel lift while riding. This is due to your body naturally compensating for the sloppy loose feeling of the boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Snowboard Boots

1. What type of laces should I buy?

If you’re just a casual rider, than only plans on doing this every so often, normal laces will do just fine, they don’t require a higher investment and are easy to replace.

But, for those of you who are indeed serious about making a full time gig of snowboarding, you’ll want to look into wearing speed or BOA laces. All of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so just keep that in mind before making a purchase.

2. Are snowboard only for adults?

Negative, you’ll find them in all shape and sizes, perfect for both children and adults!

3. Are Snowboard boots mandatory?

I will presume this question comes mostly with newbies. But, if you’re planning on learning snowboarding, know that these boots are designed to hook/strap onto your board in order to ride properly. Snowboard and snowboard boots always need to go together.

4. Should I ask help from a boot fitter?

If you can get some help from a professional after finding a pair you like, you’ll definitely reap the rewards. Professional boot fitters will take into account the different characteristic of your feet in order to help you find the right boots for you.

5. What are custom insoles?

Certain boots feature customizable insoles, others need them purchase separately. They are meant to provide additional comfort, assist with turning and impacts, while reducing fatigue, and ultimately provide you with a better experience.

While you don’t need them necessarily, you can definitely get some use out of them.


You are now ready to hit the trails with the best pair of boots available for you. Keep in mind that size does matter, and boots that are the wrong size will make your day miserable. Cool looking boots might seem like a cool idea at first, but if they offer no practical advantages, you’re better off skipping them altogether. Keep in mind that brands don’t matter, as long as the boots feel comfortable and fit correctly on your feet, this will keep your body on your board and off the snow. But, most importantly, remember that you’re there to have fun, and the perfect pair of boots will help make your day a wonderful one.  Ultimately, a great set of snowboard boots will make or break your time at the mountain, so don’t mess around with your shredding time and get yourself a pair now!


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