10 Best Snow Boots for Women 2020

No matter if you are the type of woman with a whole shoe collection or a woman that keeps it simple, the one pair of footwear everyone needs is a good pair of snow boots. You never know when you are going to end up in bad weather and having shoes that are appropriate can be a lifesaver!

With that said, let’s dive into the fashion and function of women’s snow boots!

What Makes a Good Snow Boot for Women?

Best Snow Boots for Women

1. Activity

What will best define which boots are best for you is how you plan to use them and what you will use them for. There are exceptionally warm and rugged boots for those who spend a lot of time in the snow but don’t do a lot of walking.

Conversely, there are boots that are much better for getting around, hiking, and having some winter adventures but may not be as warm. Consider how you will use your boots and for what activity and you will have a much better chance of getting the boot that is right for you.

2. Materials

Boots can be and are made of almost every material imaginable from traditional leather to space-age plastics. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses not to mention the fashion of the boot. Getting a good material for your climate, activity, and personal style is a definite need when it comes to boots.

You will find leather can last forever and often looks great but it does take some work to keep it well maintained and looking good. On the other hand, plastics take a minimum of care but may have problems with durability. The look of boots made of high-tech polymer can be very different and often a matter of personal taste.

3. Insulation

Everyone wants a warm boot for the winter but a boot can be too warm as easily as it can be not warm enough. You definitely want something that will keep your feet comfortable in the cold but too warm and it can cause sweating and that leads to all sorts of other issues you really don’t want.

Judging the temperature of a pair of boots can be hard. Some companies advertise a temperature range but most do not. Sometimes you just have to read the reviews and decide for yourself. Take the time to do this. No one wants sweaty feet. Not only are there health concerns but it’s just a little gross.

What Makes a Good Snow Boot for Women

4. Tread

If you are going to be out and about in the snow, you are going to need good tread. Sometimes this goes past the shape of the tread into the materials. There are some tread materials that are resistant to slipping even on ice.

But large, aggressive tread can be uncomfortable if you end up walking on hard surfaces like concrete or tile. You have to find the right balance. If you will be out all day in the forest, get aggressive tread. If you are using these boots to get to your car and to your job, something a little less aggressive may be called for.

5. Waterproofing

Any good winter boot needs to be waterproof or at least water resistant. Nothing is worse than cold, wet feet on an ice-cold day. Some waterproofing is in the material while others use a waterproof agent to coat their boots. If it’s the latter, make sure you know if you need to reapply this waterproofing over time.

The second point with waterproofing is breathability. You don’t want the water outside the boot getting in but you also want any water inside the boot to get out. In other words, you want a breathable boot that doesn’t hold in sweat.

Waterproof Snow Boots for Women

6. Heel Height

In general a lower heel height will be more stable but you do need a heel of some height. If you have a flat boot, it often will not dig in deep enough to provide traction. A heel section will focus your downward force in a smaller area for better traction.

As the heel gets higher though, you begin to lose traction at the front of the boot. This makes twisting an ankle much more likely. A good height is between half an inch and one and a half inches. This gives you good traction without compromising your footing.

10 Best Womens Snow Boots 2020

UGG Adirondack II Review
UGG Adirondack II
Best of the Best
Leather, Suede, Synthetic
Ariat Wythburn Review
Ariat Wythburn
Most Attractive
Baffin Dana Review
Baffin Dana
Best Extreme Weather
Suede, Leather, Synthetic
Sorel Whistler Review
Sorel Whistler
Best Casual
Kodiak Shari Arctic Grip Review
Merrell Tremblant Ezra Review
Merrell Tremblant Ezra
Best Lightweight
Full-grain leather
Keen Durand Polar Review
Keen Durand Polar
Best Snow Hiking
Leather, Synthetic
Kamik Sienna Review
Kamik Sienna
Best Bang for your Buck
Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Review
Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV
Best Budget Extreme Snow Boot
Leather, Textile
The North Face Shellista II Review
The North Face Shellista II
Best Budget Casual Snow Boot

1. UGG Adirondack II – Best of the Best Snow Boot

UGG Women's Adirondack II Winter Boot Review

UGG may have become popular for a boot that doesn’t exactly appeal to everyone but not all of their boots are such an acquired taste. The Adirondack is a stylish, fashionable choice suitable for a wide variety of styles. And it’s not all form, this is a functional winter boot that can hold up to the harshest environments.

The shell of the boot is a leather/suede mixture that has been waterproof for some protection from the elements. This is topped by a cuff of UGGpure wool that can be kept up for a little extra coverage or folded down for a little extra style. Folded down, it will stop about the ankle while up it gets well over the calf.

The outsole uses UGGs own spider rubber which gives you great traction on slick surfaces. This includes snow and even wet tile once you do make it back indoors. Above this, the midsole is a dual-density EVA which offers great support and stability. Everything you need to keep you upright in the worst weather.

Though these boots only have 200 grams of insulation, that insulation is wool and it is one of the best insulators there is. You can easily get down into the 0-degree range with these boots and not feel cold. To help keep you warm, they even have an extra thick insole. All in all, these are a stellar boot.


  • Very Warm
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Versitle


  • Pricy

2. Ariat Wythburn – Most Attractive Snow Boot

Ariat Women's Wythburn H2O Insulated Country Boot Review

Everyone knows that Ariat makes some tough and rugged boots but it’s about time to admit that they make some very stylish ones as well. The Wythburn is the perfect example of a boot that looks great but provides you the very best in protection for those cold winter days.

These equestrian style boots are made of full grain leather with a mix of suede for outstanding durability and comfort. With a high tongue gusset to keep your feet water-free, the front lace design of this knee-high boot is a classic design that is very utilitarian. This is exactly what you want when the weather is bad.

The inner liner is full wool with enough extra at the top of the boot to keep you from getting any cold spots. This is a pure winter design that will keep you warm while the 4-layer footbed keeps you comfortable no matter how far you walk.

If you are on ice and snow constantly, you may find these boots lack a little tread but the heel is high enough to give you sure footing on most challenging walks. These were made for getting out in the muck and looking good while doing it. For that purpose, there are none better.


  • Very Stylish
  • Quite Warm
  • Very Durable


  • Less Traction
  • Somewhat Pricy

3. Baffin Dana – Best Extreme Weather Boot

Baffin Women's Dana Snow Boot Review

Baffin boots are designed from the ground up to handle the worst there is. This means snow, rain, cold weather, and the general muck that winter can through at you. All the while they will keep you toasty, dry, and above all, comfortable. Of all the Baffin designs, the Dana is the one that always stands out in the crowd.

With a vulcanized rubber lower that is stitched and molded to the leather/suede upper, these boots can handle some serious snow. While the tread may not be deep, it grips both forward and backward for sure footing. Best on soft snow with a flat bottom, the Dana gets the job done in style.

To keep you warm the Dana a liner that uses your own body heat to mold to your foot and leg. This combines with a knit collar and B-Tek insulation for the ultimate in warmth. The tongue has a full gusset to keep deep snow out and the whole boot breathes very well.

When it comes to pure snow boots, the style of the Dana is hard to beat and so is the weight. These are one of the lightest full snow boots on the market making them great for those who trek long distances or anyone who doesn’t want a lot of bulk as they navigate the winter world.


  • Quite Warm
  • Light Weight
  • Good Tread


  • Less Stylish Design
  • Suede Needs Extra Care

4. Sorel Whistler – Best Casual Snow Boot

Sorel Women's Whistler Mid Boot Review

Sorel is one of those easily under-rated companies as their footwear can often be caught on sale for quite cheap. This gives the impression that the quality is just not there but I assure you, that is far from the case. Sorel boots feature some of the best materials and construction in the industry. This includes sourcing the best European leather that is free from blemishes and flaws.

With the Whistler boot, you definitely get that top of the line leather which has been treated with their out-dry coating so they are 100% waterproof. The sole is both glued and stitched for extra strength and the rest of the boot uses a double-stitch to make sure nothing comes apart when it shouldn’t.

The interior of the boot is lined with fleece which is one of the best insulators and dries quickly while easily wicking away any excess moisture. This fleece extends over the top of the boot to create a cuff to keep your foot dry and warm no matter how high the snow gets. This little addition adds a unique and attractive look to the Whistler.

The tread on these boots is light for easy walking on hard surfaces but has plenty of bi-directional treads to keep you sure-footed on even the worse snow. Between the boot and the sole is a multi-layer footbed that cushions your foot for long-wearing comfort. For a classic look with exceptional warmth and comfort, this is among the best designs out there.


  • Very Durable
  • Great Tread
  • Quite Stylish
  • Comfortable


  • Not as Warm
  • Less Flexible

5. Kodiak Shari Arctic Grip – Warmest Snow Boot

Kodiak Women's Shari Arctic Grip Snow Boot Review

Sometimes fashion can take a back seat to function and what you really need is a simple, robust boot to keep you going in the slush of winter. In that case, Kodiak has the answer. Not that their boots are unfashionable. They are just more sensible and toned down for those who are serious about footwear performance.

With the Shari, you get exactly this. A boot with decent looks but huge function. This starts with top grain leather and rock-solid construction. Everything is double and triple stitched for excellent strength. Add in a bedded sole and you have one of the toughest winter boots around.

Where warmth comes in, this boot uses a combination of Thinsulate and wool to give you the best two insulators there are. This extends around the cuff to keep water from coming in around the ankle while repel-x waterproofing keeps the rest of the boot waterproof. You can take these boots into the -20s and not have a problem.

These boots have a small heel that is ABS reinforced and a steel shank to keep the boot stable in bad conditions. The grip on the Vibram sole is some of the best out there. You could probably climb a mountain in these boots but they are just as good in town on those snowy days.


  • Incredibly Warm
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Tread


  • Less Stylish
  • Less Coverage

6. Merrell Tremblant Ezra – Best Lightweight Snow Boot

Merrell Tremblant Ezra Lace Waterproof Ice+ Women's Review

Merrell is a personal favorite of mine but that aside, they are well regarded as one of the best shoes for the money anywhere. They are made to last and have district looks that set them apart from most other shoe companies. With a long history of exceptional footwear, they sure seem to know what they are doing.

The boot we are interested in from Merrell is the Tremblant which is one of the lightest, slimmest winter boots you will ever find. This starts with full-grain leather that has been treated to be both water and salt proof. Making this a great boot for conducting your business around town without having harsh treatments ruining your boots. Salt can do that in no time at all!

Merrell uses their own insulation, in this case it’s 200 grams worth and is combined with faux-fur insulation to make sure your foot stays warm. They may not be quite as warm as some of the other options here but for a light-duty boot to get you to work and back, these are perfect. A little hiking isn’t going to hurt them though.

The main thing to talk about with the Tremblant is the tread. Though it is thin and comfortable on any surface, it is made to stick to ice. No amount of snow or slippery sidewalks is going to make you lose your footing. This is something you just have to see in action to believe.


  • So Comfortable!
  • Very Light Weight
  • Great Tread
  • Warm


  • Less Support
  • Strange Styling

7. Keen Durand Polar – Best Snow Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Durand Polar Winter Boot Review

It’s only fair that we spotlight Merrell’s biggest competitor, Keen. In this case its not much of a comparison because these boots could not be more different. Where the Merrell was designed as a light, comfortable around-town shoe, these keens are built like a tank for the worst conditions.

In reality, the Durand series are a hard-core hiking boot that can serve easily for any time you need to get out in the worst weather. Construction is an over-molded rubber with leather and nylon for the upper. This keeps this boot flexible while not compromising warmth. Great for any long treks you plan to make in the snow.

For insulation, these use KeenDry and KeenWarm technologies on top of a thermal shield footbed. When you combine these with a faux-fur collar this means that no heat is getting out anywhere while moisture is easily wicked away for long, comfortable wear.

The tread on these boots is dual climate meaning they are fine when its snow on the ground but still keep you stable on wet, hard surfaces like an office floor. When it comes down to it, these are about the warmest, most complete winter boots for the money anywhere. Especially if you get them before winter when the sale is on.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Warmth
  • Light Weight
  • Great Traction


  • Bulky Fit
  • Less Stylish
  • Best for the Trail

8. Kamik Sienna – Best Bang for your Buck Snow Boot

Kamik Women's Sienna Review

Kamik is a classic boot company with classic styling that never seems to go out of style. On top of this, their winter wear is consistently rated as some of the best around. They may not be as hard-wearing as some other boots but for those who just want something for around town or a few miles in the woods, these are an astounding and affordable option.

The Sienna is the ultimate in classic design meets modern looks. With its rubber lower, you know it’s going to last and keep you dry while the combination leather and quilted flannel upper has a unique style. Overall, this is a functional boot that just looks great on those winter days.

The insulation is the ever-common Thinsulate on the inside but don’t disregard the warmth added by the flannel exterior. There may be warmer boots but when it comes to size and weight, these are definitely high on the list. Even the footbed is triple layered for warmth retention.

Kamik has used the same molded sole for years and it has always held up well to the worst conditions. It’s not as non-slip as many but you see this same design used on thousands of boots each winter and it always seems to work. In the snow it digs in, just watch out on the ice. They weren’t meant for that.


  • Classic Styling
  • Very Comfortable
  • Proven Design


  • Less Warmth
  • Less Traction
  • Less Durable

9. Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV – Best Budget Extreme Snow Boot

Columbia Women's Bugaboot Plus Iv Omni-Heat Mid Calf Boot Review

Got somewhere you gotta be and the weather is the worst winter can throw at you?  Maybe you need one of the toughest winter boots ever to get you there. It’s about time we talk about the Bugaboot from Columbia. This has been a winter staple for the serious and outdoorsy folks when winter comes.

The Bugaboot has been around for years but never has it been made of such tough components. The upper is a combination of leather, nylon, webbing, and stainless steel. While this may sound heavy, it really isn’t. They are made for rough conditions so there is some weight but not enough to make them a strain to wear.

With advanced seam-sealing, a Techlite shell, 200 grams of Thinsulate, and a reflective lining made of Omni-Heat, these are maybe the warmest boots on this list. These will easily take you into the -20s if not farther. If you are an outdoorsy person and the winter keeps you inside, these boots may be what you need to get outdoors no matter how bad it gets.

The sole of these boots is no less astounding. The outer layer is abrasion resistant, anti-slip rubber that is coated with Michelin Winter Compound to make sure they stick to the slickest surfaces. These boots retain their grip well into the sub-zero range when most boots have given up. If you want a serious outdoor boot, these are among the best you will ever find.


  • Incredible Warmth
  • Very Durable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Very Bulky
  • Not Suitable for Most Outfits
  • Somewhat Heavy

10. The North Face Shellista II – Best Budget Casual Snow Boot

The North Face Women's Shellista II Review

It would be hard to talk about winter wear of any kind and not eventually find yourself talking about The North Face. They have become immensely popular because of their sense of style, low-cost, and performance. For a good around town boot when conditions are rough and maybe a little time recreating in the snow, these are a simple, solid option.

The exterior of these boots is predominantly leather with an attractive knit upper cuff that keeps you dry. They are waterproof, of course, with a molded rubber sole for the worst, wettest snows. The overall look is clean and stylish but its not all about looks.

Inside the boot uses PrimaLoft, a material usually used in high end sleeping bags and outdoor gear. This is combined with faux fur that lines the entire boot to keep your toes toasty. They may not be as warm as some of the technical boots on this list but when it comes to a blend between style and warmth, these are a solid option.

The sole of these boots uses TNF Winter Grip rubber to keep your footing on snow and ice and even has temperature-sensitive lugs that dig in snow but get soft when you go inside. This makes them a perfect boot for getting to work on those cold days. They grip the snow but aren’t too hard on your feet when you get inside.


  • Look Great
  • Very Comfortable
  • Very Affordable
  • Good Traction


  • Less Durable
  • Not Super Warm


It’s easy to get footwear for all other occasions but too many people ignore a good foul weather boot. Don’t make this mistake. Get a good pair of winter boots. Not only will they keep you comfortable but they can keep you safe when you have to get out in conditions that you would maybe not prefer.

Or maybe you do prefer winter. In which case, some of the more technical boots are definitely worth considering!


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