Top 10 Best Ski/Snowboard Socks 2020

Skiing is fantastic, after all, nothing is quite as majestic as shredding the slopes with your favorite skis.  Watching the scenery blur as you are ripping it downhill, taming the freshly laid powder. Yet, one part of skiing that is definitely not cool is catching a bad case of the cold feet. However, we are not referring losing your nerve before a big run.

Best Ski Socks 2019

We’re talking about an actual case of your feet getting extremely cold. Nothing is worse than wearing the wrong pair of socks and having the rest of your day ruined due to discomfort. But, with hundreds of products available in the market just how do you find the right ones? Well, we did the research for you, and here we bring you the top 10 best ski socks in the market.

Top 10 Best Ski/Snowboard Socks 2020

Wigwam’s High Performance Review
Wigwam’s High Performance
Editor’s Choice
Machine wash
Darn Tough Women’s Merino Review
Darn Tough Women’s Merino
Best Women’s Ski Socks
Machine wash
Darn Tough Vermont Merino Review
Darn Tough Vermont Merino
Best’s Men’s Specific
Machine wash
Sunwill Battery Powered Review
Sunwill Battery Powered
Best Electronic
Hand wash
CEP Progressive+ Ski Thermo Review
CEP Progressive+ Ski Thermo
Best Women’s Compression
Machine wash
Eddie Bauer Point6 Review
Eddie Bauer Point6
Best All-Around
Machine wash
Feetalk Ski/Snowboard Review
Feetalk Ski/Snowboard
Best Middle-of-The-Road
Machine wash
Smartwool PhD Ski Ultra-Light Review
Machine wash
Icebreaker Merino Review
Icebreaker Merino
Best Any Weather
Machine wash
 Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Review
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1. Wigwam’s High Performance Ski Socks – Editor’s Choice

Wigwam’s High Performance Ski Socks Review

Having over a hundred of years of experience in the market really says something about the quality of your product, and Wigwam has been in business since 1905. Their High performance Ski Socks are an awesome choice for a day at the slopes.

Designed with a reinforced Shin, they’re great for protecting your high-impact zones, and with a seamless toe area that won’t cause your feet to feel uncomfortable, these socks are sure to keep you going for days. Plus, they’re middle-weight, which ensure your feet won’t get too damp after a long day of bombing runs.

A lifetime warranty seals the deal, and you’ll be having socks that will be with you for a lifetime.

Coming in a variety of colors and with plenty of nifty features, Wigwam’s High Performance Ski Socks, are a great choice for skiers everywhere! Buy some now!


  • Great Warranty
  • Excellent design and features
  • Cool colors


  • Shorter than other products

2. Darn Tough Women’s Merino Wool Socks – Best Women’s Ski Socks

Darn Tough Women’s Merino Wool Socks Review

Darn Tough is a brand you can trust when it comes to ski socks, and their Merino Wool socks are no exception. Touted by the brand as a perfect fusion between a sock and boot, these are certain to help your performance on the slopes.

Designed with five different comfort pads to reduce pressure in specific points providing ample amounts of comfort, and ensuring they fit snugly where it matters. Adding to the comfort levels is the Merino wool that is known for it’s extremely comfortable feel.

Darn Tough is a brand you can trust when it comes to ski socks, and these are no different. They’re a fantastic pair that is sure to please, and if you’re a woman that wants to hit the slopes and feel comfortable doing so, then get yourself a pair now!


  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Tough


  • Can be a tad short

3. Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Ski Socks – Best’s Men’s Specific

Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Ski Socks Review

Excellent, at regulating heat, and wicking moisture, Darn Tough’s Vermont Merino Wool Ski Sock are sure to please even the fussiest of skiers. But, they’re not only good for skiers, as they’re versatile enough to wear when you go out hiking or engage in other outdoor activities.

These socks have less bulk than other cushioning sock, but they still offer an amazing amount of comfort and performance. The lighter build, however, does allow them to be used in warmer climates without causing discomfort. Additionally, Merino wool is known for its antibacterial capabilities, which prevent bad odor and reduce the chances of fungal growth on your feet.

Darn Tough brings about, yet another great product to this fantastic list with their Vermont Merino Wool Ski Socks. Get yours now!


  • Durable
  • Excellent antibacterial properties
  • Easy to wash and care for


  • Less bulk, means they’re not as soft as other brands

4. Sunwill Battery Powered Skiing Socks – Best Electronic

Sunwill Battery Powered Skiing Socks Review

These days, we have the ability to enjoy socks, which don’t need to be powered via our own body heat, and if you’re looking to go skiing with some additional help, Sunwill’s Battery powered skiing socks have your back.

These babies can enjoy anywhere from two to six hours of heating thanks to their three different temperature settings, which can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button. Enjoy the wonder and comfort that can only be achieved with the use of modern technology.

Not only will they help you maintain a comfortable sensation on your feet, but they’ll also stimulate blood circulation and help with stiff joints and even arthritis.

If you’re looking for a nice piece of technology that will help you out on the slopes, these babies are for you. Don’t wait around to purchase your own!


  • Comfortable
  • Great for circulation
  • Decent Battery life


  • Battery Life could be longer

5. CEP Progressive+ Ski Thermo Socks – Best Women’s Compression

CEP Progressive+ Ski Thermo Socks Review

Compression socks are designed with thicker fabrics to keep you warm, insulated, and with your blood flowing smoothly. For this reason, CEP’s Progressive+ are just what the doctor recommended. But, that’s not all they’re good for, as these are specifically made for the slopes, on those days where you feel like you could ride forever.

Another great feature of these socks is their ability to reduce swelling of the joints and provide additionally stability in your muscles and joints. They also come with a cool combination of colors that make them stylish and fashionable.

Some people purchase compression socks due to medical reasons, others simply want to feel comfortable while riding the slopes, these socks are perfect for both of those groups, so if you’re seeking to get a great pair of compression socks, look no further than these babies!


  • Cool colors
  • Compression provides ample health benefits


  • Expensive

6. Eddie Bauer Point6 Ski Socks – Best All-Around

Eddie Bauer Point6 Ski Socks Review

Eddie Bauer is a name easily recognized by skiers and snowboarders everywhere, and the Point6 socks are part of that reason. Ergonomically designed to hug the heels and avoid a feeling of tightness around the instep, these socks are the perfect blend of cost-to-performance.

Tight enough to stay upright, but not overly tight to the point of cutting off circulation, you’ll find just the right amount of pressure where you need it. Which helps with your overall performance on the slopes!

But, if you’re worried about them being too heavy, fear not as they’re lightweight and breathable for additional comfort during long periods of bombing runs at the slopes.

A great an all-around choice, and with a fantastic price-to-performance ration makes the Point6 a must buy for any serious skier who doesn’t want to spend too much on an excellent pair of socks.


  • Great performance
  • Comfortable


  • Somewhat slippery feel that is not going to be enjoyed by everyone

7. Feetalk Ski/Snowboard Thermal Socks – Best Middle-of-The-Road

Feetalk Ski/Snowboard Thermal Socks Review

Feetalk brings about, a higher-end pair of ski socks that a great choice for those looking to splurge on a good pair of ski socks. Made from a blend of materials, that mix seamlessly to provide the wearer with excellent anti-odor and moisture wicking capabilities.

Fans of the brand, know them, for their cushiony feel, and padding in all the right spots. Additionally, they’re designed to stay in place and avoid blistering from unnecessary rubbing against the skin.

They’re also longer than most socks, which helps in providing additionally comfort to your feet on those days where you’re looking to ride for longer periods of time.

If money isn’t an issue, your choice is clear, these excellent pair of socks will stay with you during your visit to the slopes and feel great while you’re there! Don’t wait and get them now!


  • Great Anti-Odor
  • Comfortable
  • Tall


  • A Tad Expensive

8. Smartwool PhD Ski Ultra-Light Socks – Best Lightweight

Smartwool PhD Ski Ultra-Light Socks Review

Built for performance, and with a sleek, yet modern design, Smartwool’s PhD Ultra-Light socks are just what the doctor ordered! Made with Merino wool, which one of the strongest and most advanced fibers that can be found in nature, they’re certainly built to tackle the outdoors!

But, that’s not all, as they’re also ergonomically designed, providing an awesome level of arch support to your back. Complementing their comfortable feel, and providing you with an excellent companion for those days where you just want to do some mild skiing, or a combination of activities.

These performance socks are great for both skiing, hiking, and any outdoor activities that you want to engage in. If you’re looking to have fun in the snow, and want an excellent pair of socks, then these are for you! Buy a pair now.


  • Versatile
  • Breathable and Comfortable


  • Not built for long days on the slope

9. Icebreaker Merino Ski Socks – Best Any Weather

Icebreaker Merino Ski Socks Review

Lightweight, agile, and super soft, the Icebreaker Merino are another great choice for those looking to get a comfortable pair of ski socks.

Are you the type of skier who hates the clammy feeling of sweat on your feet, well these versatile socks are perfect for you. Cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, and with the great ability to resist bacteria and odor.

Engineered for comfort, they’re sold in three different weight categories, plus you can use them for more than just skiing, as they’re great for hiking and even running.

They’re also stylish and come in a variety of colors and designs.

If you’re looking for socks you can wear regardless of climate, these socks are definitely for you! Find a pair here!


  • Stylish and cool
  • Perfect for any climate
  • Comfortable


  • Better for locations where the winter’s aren’t overly extreme

10. Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Ski Socks – Best Budget Electrical

Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Ski Socks Review

If you’re still looking for a battery powered pair of socks that is not going to break your bank, but still provides a good amount of battery life and performance, then Autocastle’s Heated Ski Socks are for you.

Good for circulation of the blood, they’ll help your performance by keeping your legs warm and your feet steady. Super thick, their quality is definitely felt throughout the whole sock, and with a snug, yet comfortable feel, you’ll fall in love with these socks.

Featuring, three different heat settings you’ll be able to find the perfect heating temperature for your, and adjust it as your day goes on.

If you’re not trying to splurge too much, and simply want to try out your hand at some battery powered skiing socks before going all in, then Autocastle’s Ski Socks are definitely for you. Buy a pair now!


  • Three heating settings
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Good Price


  • Four hour charge time

Choosing the Right Ski Socks for You! (Buyer’s Guide)

Finding the right pair of socks depends on just a few criteria. Having a basic understanding of each of these aspects will help you narrow down the options you have available, thereby helping you choose the best ones for you.

1. Material

Buyer’s Guide for Best Ski Socks 2019

2. Synthetic

Most ski socks are made out of synthetic materials. Typically, these consist of acrylic, nylon, and polyester. These materials are comfortable and provide great temperature control. They also come with special attributes such as nylon’s ability to prevent blister in sensitive areas. Synthetic materials are also known for their ability to wick moisture away.

3. Wool

You’ll find that another large portion of ski socks are made out of wool. The main advantage to this material is its ability to retain heat. But, they’re also great at wicking away moisture and known for their durability.

4. Mixed Socks

These are a blend of both wool and synthetic materials. They bring with them advantages from both of the aforementioned types, you’ll find that each combination of materials comes with its own set of attributes.

At the end of the day, all of these socks are comfortable and warm, which is what you’re looking to get whenever you go skiing.

5. Fit

Unlike regular socks, which fit anyone, regardless of gender (as long as their size is correct), ski socks designed to fit a specific body type. They come in men’s, women’s, and even children’s sizes for that specific reason.

Men’s ski socks, for example are usually longer and have a narrower cuff than a women’s pair. Whereas a women’s sock tend to outline the shape of their legs.

However, there are a few aspects you’ll want to keep in mind regardless of gender. You’ll find that taller socks are preferable to shorter ones, as they can sit above your boots (covering more of your body). A tight, yet comfortable fit is also key, as any loose fitting socks are liable to cause blisters, but too tight and you’ll cut off proper circulation.

Additionally, keep in mind your toes, avoid excess material accumulation in their region and ensure the sock is not overly tight. Finally, avoid giving your toes any sort of wiggle room, it’s not good unless you enjoy having blisters.

6. Design

Ski socks are designed with features such as additional padding for the shins, but there is a lot less padding on the rest of the socks (especially the heel area). They’re also designed to be more breathable than the average sock in order to properly wick sweat away from the sock.

Additionally, the reason why ski socks tend to lean on the lighter side of the spectrum is that if a sock is too heavy it will cause your feet to sweat, thus accumulating moisture and causing you lose body heat from the area. As such, you’ll want to use lightweight or medium-weight socks (for warmer days, and colder days respectively).

Furthermore, these days you can choose between electronically heated socks and the regular non-powered ones.

Electronically heated socks are an excellent (and modern) way to keep your feet warm during winter. By using an internal battery pack (charged via USB) to power up their internal heating element they can heat up your feet to a comfortable temperature. They can also operate for a decent amount of hours depending on the setting and usually feature three or four temperature levels.

They’re also good for blood circulation and can help you stay focused and ready to go!

Alternatively, compression socks are designed to squeeze the most out of your muscles and, a high-performance compression sock will help regulate your blood flow and maintain circulation on your feet. Not only will these keep you warmer, but reduce the strain on your feet after a long day.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the difference between ski socks and regular socks?

Ski socks are quite different to regular tube socks. The primary differences lie in how they shape around your feet though. Ski socks are designed to contort to your feet’s shape, with a clearly marked heel and toe. Additionally, their elastomers prevent bunching and sliding of the socks, while they’re inside your boots (which normally causes serious discomfort).

2. What are the commonly used materials in ski socks?

Ski socks normally consist of synthetic materials such as:

  • Nylon
  • Lycra
  • Acrylics
  • Polyester
  • Merino Wool

3. What materials are not recommended for skiing socks?

Avoid cotton like the plague, it’s not only great at absorbing moisture, it’s also good at retaining it. Your feet will suffer if snow gets in them, and you’ll be uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

4. Is there a difference between ski socks for men and women?

Yes, typically a women’s ski socks will be shorter and have a wider cuff in order to provide additional comfort to a women’s shapely legs. Men’s are the opposite.

5. Can my kids use ski socks?

Yes, in fact, it is highly recommended you outfit your kids with ski socks whenever you’re going out skiing/snowboarding as a family.

6. Are Ski Socks Washable?

You can wash ski socks with your regular clothes and they don’t require much additional care or treatment. Just remember to flip them inside out, and avoid the dryer so they don’t shrink.


While the inexperienced snowboarder or skier might think that wearing any old pair of socks is enough to shred it with the best of them, it’s simply not true. Having the right gear is the difference between a great day on the slopes or a total bust. Socks are an important part of this equipment, and their importance is not to be overlooked. They’ll keep your feet warm and toasty, ready to tackle the day for hours, and as long as they’re the right fit and material, you’ll be able to make the most out of your day! Just remember that the goal is to have fun, and you can’t do that if you catch a nasty case of the cold feet or hypothermia!


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