Top 8 Best Ski Boot Bags 2020

It’s that time of the year where you pack up your skiing gear and hit your favorite snow resort! However, when you stop to think about it, that’s a lot of equipment for one person to carry alone. Surely you can put most of it in a travel case, but between the clothing required, a helmet,  a pair of gloves, goggles, and all those sweet jackets, just where do the boots go? Well, in their own bag of course!

A solid ski boot bag is the perfect carrying companion for your gear. Giving you the convenience of extra space, and facilitating the journey to the mountains without having to play Tetris with your travel cases. Now let us journey into the slopes and discover the top eight ski boot bags in the market!


Top 8 Best Ski Boot Bags in 2020

Dakine Ski Boot Bag Review
Dakine Ski Boot Bag
Editor’s Choice
Athalon Everything Ski Boot Pack Review
Element Equipment Ski Boot Bag Review
Kulkea Boot Trekker Review
Kulkea Boot Trekker
Best High-End
Sportube Overheader Review
Sportube Overheader
Most Versatile
High Sierra Trapezoid Review
High Sierra Trapezoid
Best Style and Variety
Thule Roundtrip Ski Boot Backpack Review
Team Pack Ski Boot Bag Review
Team Pack Ski Boot Bag
Best External Carry

1. Dakine Ski Boot BagEditor’s Choice

Dakine Ski Boot Bag Review

Skiing without your favorite pair of boots just doesn’t cut it! For those moments, you need a carrying case that is durable, spacious, and reliable, which definitely matches the description of the Dakine Ski Boot Bag.

A split-level design helps you keep everything separated, allowing your boots to remain away from anything that might get damp after a long day of skiing or snowboarding with them. A tarp lined compartment turns into a changing mat so you can take off your boots without getting your feet or other pair of socks all wet as well. This also serves the dual purpose of preventing your other gear from absorbing the humidity from the rest of your equipment.

Padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry, as often times we find ourselves carrying our gear for extended periods. Thankfully, this boot bag comes equipped with them, ensuring you can stay comfortable for longer times.

One of the, if not the best Ski Boot Bag in the market, this bag will not disappoint you! An excellent companion to any experienced skier with average sized feet, Dakine’s Ski Boot Bag earns our Editor’s Choice!


  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with a mat for changing
  • Excellent warranty


  • Only fits up to certain sizes of boots

2. Athalon Everything Ski Boot PackRunner-Up

Athalon Everything Ski Boot Pack Review

We had a hard time deciding between this bag and the top choice, and honestly, the difference between them was minimal enough to earn the same spot if it were possible! However, as there can only be one and Athalon’s Everything Ski Boot Pack earns a solid second place on our list as another fantastic choice for skiers everywhere.

When compared to other boots of its category, it’s definitely the winner, and it comes with a nifty assortment of design features that make it stand out from the rest.

Extra external pockets to store your gear, strong zippers for durability, and even shock cord for tightening it further. However, more important than the extra stuff, you will find that the space inside for your boots is ample enough to fit larger boots, and if you’re careful, you can even place most of your stuff inside.

Equipped with shoulder straps it can be worn like a backpack, but it also comes with a strong padded handle for those who already have one.

A solid runner-up and the best choice for those looking for something a little different, Athalon’s Everything Ski Boot Pack is everything you ever wanted and more! Get it now!


  • Comfortable and with ample space
  • Plenty of storage both inside and outside


  • Large space inside means most of your stuff will be moving around in one compartment
  • Might not meet the airline carry-on requirements

3. Element Equipment Ski Boot BagBest Features

Element Equipment Ski Boot Bag Review

One of the best choices available to those looking for Ski Boot Bags, Element’s Equipment Boot Bag is a great option for skiers everywhere. Providing ample storage for your boots, as well as plenty of space for the rest of your gear, you will find yourself carrying everything you need for your trip with ease!

Nevertheless, what features can you get by purchasing yourself one of these babies, you might ask? Simple, a polyester cover made that is coated with 600D Oxford PVC for water resistance, as well as an interior lining and double stitching on the fabric for extra durability. This means, the bag is tough enough to handle even the toughest of journeys to the slopes.

Ample padding on the shoulder straps for a comfortable carry on your back, and a padded bottom to prevent damage to the bottom.

In addition, it comes with a cardholder!

Don’t wait around for the opportunity to pass you by, this bag is an excellent choice if you’re wanting to tackle the slopes! Moreover, with a dedicated goggle compartment means you will never miss any of the beautiful sights on the mountains due to the lens of your goggles being scratched! Buy yours now!


  • Durable and strong
  • Plenty of nifty features
  • Comfortable


  • Lacks in a dedicated helmet space

4. Kulkea Boot TrekkerBest High-End

Kulkea Boot Trekker Review

Ready to tackle the big slopes? Need a pack that will stay with you no matter what, as well as fit most of your gear comfortably? Well, Kulkea’s Boot Trekker is here for you!

This bag has the space, comfort, and durability you need to hold everything you need, without taking too much space or being overly bulky. But, if you’re worried about it getting too heavy, fear not as it’s adjustable waist straps complement the padded shoulder pads for ease of carry.

Made out of a mixture of polyester, nylon, and tarpaulin, this bag is durable, tough, water resistant, and sporty! Preventing your gear from getting soggy due to the accumulated humidity of freshly worn equipment.

A spacious and functional design means you don’t have to worry about leaving anything important behind on your trip as it’s got plenty of space to store everything. Moreover, it is capable of holding fairly large boots with ease.

Ski boot bags are the perfect way to bring your gear with you to the slopes, and for those tough days out on the trails, Kulkea’s Boot Trekker is definitely a top choice. Get one now!


  • Padding in all the right places!
  • Spacious fitting large boots and plenty of gear
  • Durable materials


  • Might be a bit too bulky for some.
  • Fairly Expensive

5. Sportube OverheaderMost Versatile

Sportube Overheader Review

More like a backpack than it is a boot bag, but still serving the same functionality, Sportube’s Overheader is easy to carry, and even easier to travel with thanks to its padded straps!

Easily fitting into most storage compartments in airplanes, this bag will come with you regardless of where you go, and with a 50L pocket, you’ll be able to fit even larger boots. However, since it comes with extra spaces for the rest of your gear, you’ll never have to worry about bringing enough with you!

Constructed with the use of 840D nylon, which is strong, thick, and durable! There’s even a strap on the front to put in your helmet!

Sportube is a brand you can trust when it comes to storage, and the Overheader has your back (and sits on it as well), whenever you need to go hit the slopes! Find your here!


  • Backpack style for ease of carry
  • Ample storage space
  • Durable and tough


  • Limited external storage
  • Pricey

6. High Sierra TrapezoidBest Style and Variety

High Sierra Trapezoid Review

Designed with functionality in mind, and with a bunch of stylish/cool colors, High Sierra’s Trapezoid is a fantastic choice for any skier looking to strut their style. Balanced for comfort and practicality, the Trapezoid is carried like a backpack, with plenty of padding in the straps to avoid digging into your shoulders, while remaining safely attached to your rear without shifting too much.

This helps make carrying it easier and your center of balance will remain in place as you carry it around for extended periods. The main pocket can easily carry large sized boots and the zippers are fairly durable themselves making it easy to use time after time.

The Trapezoid is also a surprisingly lightweight bag, adding very little weight to the rest of your stuff as you carry it around.

Unique looking, and very stylish, the Trapezoid is a great choice for those who want a lightweight bag that looks cool and feels great! Get it here!


  • Surprisingly lightweight, yet durable
  • Ample storage space in the main pocket


  • Nylon webbing handle is too small to carry comfortably
  • Lacking in internal pockets
  • Only two ventilation grommets on the sides

7. Thule Roundtrip Ski Boot BackpackBest Hybrid Bag

Thule Roundtrip Ski Boot Backpack Review

A stylish and cool looking backpack with a hybrid design, and ample space to carry all your gear, Thule’s Roundtrip Ski Boot Backpack is awesome.  You’ll find space in this bag to carry almost everything (if not all) that you want to bring with you to the slopes! Featuring straps to carry your skis for you.

Comfortable and sleek, the Roundtrip is easy to carry for extended periods of time and distances, even when it’s packed to the brim with stuff. Which is important when going on longer hikes, and extended trips.

However, if you’re going on a one or two day trip, fear not as it is also great for those. Thanks to its 60L internal storage (which is larger than most bags), you’ll be able to carry even larger boots with space remaining for everything you need for a day. Which is what you should be focusing on whenever you’re going skiing on short term trip without having to bring multiple bags.

Finally, if you’re worried about someone snagging your gear while you aren’t looking, it’s designed with anti-theft zippers for good measure.

A top choice for anyone planning on going to the slopes and plans on bringing a single bag, the Roundtrip is a nifty, comfortable piece of equipment that needs to be in your repertoire! Get it quick!


  • Large and spacious
  • Nifty features
  • Strong and durable


  • Only two side pockets

8. Team Pack Ski Boot BagBest External Carry

Team Pack Ski Boot Bag Review

Sometimes you want to wear your boots on the outside in order to air them out and avoid getting the rest of your gear wet, for those situations, Team Pack’s Ski Boot Bag is your best bet!

Keeping your boots, and helmet outside allows you to keep the rest of the gear inside, where it is safe, sound, and most importantly dry. It’s also easy to strap them on, with straps designed to keep them in place, and a mesh specifically for the headgear.

Offering plenty of versatility, you’ll have ample space for everything that matters whenever you go skiing.

There is also plenty to be said about bringing a backpack with you when you go on the slopes, allowing you to free up the space in your jacket for other things.

If you are trying to keep your gear dry, there is no better choice for you than Team Pack’s Ski Boot Bag! Find one as soon as possible!


  • Ample Storage space
  • Strong, and durable


  • Minimal padding
  • Can be difficult to figure out all the strap initially

Things to Know about Ski Boot Bags (A Simplified Buyer’s Guide)

Things to Know about Best Ski Boot Bags

1. Purpose of a Ski Bag

Typically, soft-sided, ski boot bags are designed to protect your boots from all the hazards involved with traveling on a skiing trip. As most experienced skiers know, ski boots are clunky, heavy, and awkward to carry by hand, but when equipped with a ski bag, you can easily overcome these issues.

2. Style

Ski Boots also have their own style; they are sort of a mesh between a regular luggage bag (with a single strap and handles) and a handbag. However, keep in mind that there is a ton of variety between each bag and some of them come with multiple straps (like chest, shoulder, and waist) which makes them more akin to a backpack while still being considered ski boot bags.

3. Design

It is important to keep in mind that unlike regular backpacks, ski boot bags are designed with a bit of an odd shape. Becoming shorter as it gets away from the body (back/shoulders) in the shape of the boots themselves (almost like a trapezoid). Basically, the taller portion is built to accommodate the boot’s calves.

There is also a split-level design that comes in a few varieties. One of those is the separate boot pockets that help you keep each boot isolated from one another. The other is a type that lets you separate the boots from the rest of your gear. Typically, you will find that these either keep your gear above or below them and place with water resistant cloth to prevent water from seeping into each section.

Finally, you will find some ski boot bags come with internal dividers (usually as bags or extra padding). These are usually water resistant, but unlike the split-level bags, they won’t keep everything in separate storage. Additionally, you will have to be an expert packer if you want to avoid your gear moving and or crushing each other.

4. Fit

While the majority of ski boot bags are built for a single pair of boots, it is important to keep in mind the size of your specific pair. As such, you should always take into consideration the measurements of the bag and compare them to your gear. Important aspects to consider should include:

  • Length
  • Height
  • Dimensions

Once you found a ski boot bag that meets the size requirements for your equipment, get it! However, one alternative is always visiting a ski shop, bringing your boots along to test them (the bags) out personally.

On the other hand, there are ski boot bags that can help you carry your other equipment, stuff like helmets, hats, jackets, gloves, even phones and such. Efficient packers can effectively use their space to fit extra gear inside to make the most of their bags.

The overall size will inevitably affect the ability to carry it with you on an airplane. Ensure the dimensions meet the standards set by your specific airlines before trying to bring it with you on the plane. Additionally some airlines do offer you the opportunity to check your bag at the gate in case it doesn’t fit as carry-on on that specific plane.

5. Fabric

Synthetic fibers and polyester are some of the most common materials used in ski boot bags due to their water proofing capabilities. However, try to find some that come with interior lining, and extra padding for comfort (typically found in higher quality bags). However, if you are not able to find some, keep in mind that those bags lacking in padding still work well as carry-on luggage or storing inside the trunk of your car.

Clothing fabric bags have varying levels of durability and strength depending on the density of the threads (known as denier). A high denier count means your bag is woven tightly (with the highest tier known as “ballistic) and more durable. A low count means it is loosely woven and therefore less resistant.

6. Color

While most ski boot bags come in dark colors, but they don’t do a good job in standing out. Find something that matches you or find one in your favorite color for easy identification on the slopes.

7. Ventilation

Snow sticks to boots like gum to your soles, and after a long day of shredding the slopes, you will have very little time to dry your gear. For that reason, ski boot bags are built with ventilation and drains that allow them to remove moisture. These features reduce the chances of growing mold in your gear.

Just make sure to dry the equipment before storing it in a dark closet in your home and forgetting about them until next season, seriously!

8. Zipper

One important aspect to look for is the zipper, as smaller ones can easily be torn by a strong pull after some regular use. Bigger (stronger) zippers on the other hand can be used numerous times without worrying. Keep in mind that if you overstuff your bag, you will inevitably break them.

9. Extra Features

There are snow boot bags that just have one compartment to store everything, this means you’ll be putting (and losing) everything in the same space. However, there are bags with their own nifty features like additional compartments/areas that make storing everything a breeze (such as straps for your boots).

Finding a bag that has multiple compartments means you can keep everything separate and some even come with an extra strap where you can put in your helmet.

On the other hand, the higher end bags typically feature extra external pockets, nylon-webbing handles or ones with grips on them for comfort, and padded shoulder straps to use your bag as you would a backpack.

Speaking of the backpack style bags, you can find some of them carry the boots on the outside using slings to hold them, but by doing so you leave them exposed to the environment (which can be great if it’s dry, but terrible if it’s raining or snowing).

Finally, you can find ski boot bags that come with bungee cords, giving you a space to attach your wet pants or jacket after a long day at the slopes.


Finding the best book bag from all the choices available wasn’t easy. But, we managed to narrow it down to just a few. From extra space to a wide variety of styles that represent your unique sense of fashion, these are certain to make your trip that much easier.

While you might feel you don’t need to have a ski boot bag at your side (or back), you’ll certainly appreciate the convenience of bringing it with you. Allowing you to keep all the gear in one organized location is great after all. Moreover, if you’re flying, these make excellent carry-on bags that won’t cost you extra money to bring with you. As such, ski boot bags are not only a practical investment, but a financial one as well.


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