Top 5 Best Ski Apps 2020 – How It’s Helpful for Your Trip!

Maximizing your day at the slopes takes a lot of effort. Planning the dates, looking at the weather forecast, praying for a miraculous coat of fresh powder, and hoping you don’t catch a cold on the big day requires a lot of luck and effort for just one person. However, once you’re there you’ll want to make the most out of your day.

Tracking your time, distance, speed, and location is one way to do this, and thanks to modern apps these days, you can do it easily! But, searching in the sea of Google’s Play Store and the IOs App Store can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find the five best snowboarding/skiing apps in order to boost your skills and become the best boarder in town.

Best Ski Apps

Top 5 Best Ski Apps 2020

1. SNOCRU – Best Competitive [iOS, Android, SmartWatch]


Boarders and skiers with a lot of friends will want to take a look at SNOCRU, the absolute best snowboarding/skiing app for competitive riders. But, why is that you might ask? Easy, it’s because SNOCRU allows you to compare your data and statistics with all your crew (known as your DayCru in the app).

This helps breed healthy competition, and in turn, you will all improve as you race against each other’s times down the slope. However, what can SNOCRU do for you, and how does it work?

It’s simple, in the main menu, you’ll add the resorts and slope trails you have visited/ran through, these can be tracked individually in order to compare your overall stats in each one. For example, if you rode each of the trails at the Fujiten Snow Resort near Mt. Fuji Japan, you’ll be able to see your speed, vertical drop, altitude, laps repeated, and the times it took to finish the trail.

Once that’s complete, and you’ve gathered as much data as you want, you can share the information with your friends, and even be able to chat with other users of the app through the messaging feature.

The one downside is the price as it does cost a yearly fee of approximately $15.00 USD.

Nevertheless, for that price, you do get:

  • Badges, which are digital achievements that you can use to show off to your friends.
  • Extensive sharing options
  • Animated Tracks, which let you share a video summary in the form of stats
  • An integrated feature that lets you use the Apple Healthkit
  • Spanish Language setting

Truly an outstanding app, SNOCRU is the best app for competitive skiers and snowboarders.

2. SkiFit – Best Training/Fitness App for Skiing/Snowboarding [PC, iOS, Android]

SkiFit Review

Nobody wants to be unprepared for snowboarding season, trust me, the first time I went boarding; I was not ready in the least. What followed was a week of soreness in my legs that would leave me in pain for the next seven days.

However, you don’t have to be as unprepared as I was. Thanks to apps like SkiFit, an app that helps you train for the snow trails by giving you lessons and exercises that will help you develop your body into one that tackle a long day at the trails.

SkiFit is an eight-week workout program originally from France, it doesn’t require weights or any additional equipment, and can simply be started by clicking play on a video and following along. It’s also amazingly user-friendly with a simplistic interface that will let you stay focused and on-track towards your goal of a great skiing body.

Once again, this app is amazing, but it does come with a yearly price tag of $13.00 USD. Which includes the following:

  • Exercises for all levels of fitness
  • The ability to workout wherever and whenever you want
  • Workouts designed to be performed without additional equipment
  • Over 100 different ski exercises compressed into four one-hour workout videos.
  • 8-Minute videos for those with busy lifestyles
  • 64 Separate videos with over a hundred exercises

However, you will not regret it, as soon as your start seeing the results in your body coming along nicely. Moreover, a fit body is a protected body, meaning you’ll be better equipped to handle the common impacts and wipeouts that happen during these extreme snow sports. Just remember that fitness is a mindset! Especially, since it’s available on multiple platforms including your computer!

3. SkiLynx – Best Organizing/Planning [iOS, iWatch]

SkiLynx Review

Some skiers want to have fun and stay in touch with their buddies at all times. For those individuals, SkiLynx is probably their best bet. Not only does it let you track the weather and conditions of whatever resort you’re visiting, but it also lets you organize and coordinate with your trip buddies.

Using a finely tuned Global Positioning System (GPS) and detailed maps, you’ll be able to see the location of everyone in your party, as well as additional information such as the challenge level of the trail, slope difficulty, and more.

Still not satisfied? Worry not, as the SkiLynx app can communicate with your Apple Watch in order to perform simple functions such as organizing a quick reunion while out in the field, and eve checking in to let someone know you’re okay after a nasty fall or two. But, there is more, with a one-touch message system that lets you send messages quickly and efficiently, you’ll never lose communications with the rest of the team.

Finally, to give it a golden touch, it also lets your record a variety of information that can later be shared along social media. You’ll be able to find information such as the vertical gain/drop, distance, time, the average speed, and elevation, which you can then post online for the world (or at least your friends) to see!

As a bonus, this app only cost approximately $3.00 USD, which is the cost of a small snack at a nearby coffee joint, so you’d be crazy to pass it up.

Overall, if you own an Apple Watch and an Iphone, this is definitely a great bet for you!

4. OpenSnow – Best Weather [Android, iOS]

OpenSnow Review

Mother Nature is a fickle mistress that doesn’t take any prisoners, and she will definitely make or break your day at the slopes if you’re not prepared. Avid snowboarders and skiers will know this by heart, and proper preparation and precautions are the key to a successful trip down the snowy mountain trails.

As such, any snowboarder or skier that doesn’t use OpenSnow needs to take a look at themselves in the mirror and lap their own face. Because OpenSnow allows you to see the weather, write-ups regarding potential storms, and even mountain cams, you’ll be able to prepare for almost anything, ensuring you carve through the freshest of powders.

However, due to the nature of weather, you’ll want to keep in mind that OpenSnow not always going to give you 100% accurate information and it’s important to research multiple sources in order to get a bigger picture of everything that might potentially change as the time progresses.

Once you make an account with OpenSnow you get the option to either use the free version with ads or a premium $19.00 USD per year version that provides additional access and even discount on lift tickets!

Still for an app that provides you with live video feeds, weather forecast, and snow information on the daily for free, you can’t really ask for more.

5. Liftopia – Best for Lift Prices [Android, iOS]

Liftopia Review

Look buying tickets for the lift, is a big part of a snowboarder/skiers life, but with Liftopia you can eliminate some of that hassle, while scoring some discounts. Just select a date and area where you want to go and you’ll get a list of all of the deals available in the region.

As a plus, you’ll also benefit from getting information on the weather conditions of whatever mountain you choose to visit, deal alerts from resorts that you mark as favorite, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to plan your trip in peace.

But, how does Liftopia work? Easy, by collaborating with numerous resorts at a variety of ski locations, they’ll get a heads up on all the prices and discounts before the competition. You can take advantage of the prices they’re offering and the company makes a profit out of any sales they make. The app is free, so they’re making money, while you’re saving it!

If you’re planning on going for a long snowboarding/skiing trip, this app can help you save some money!


Now that you’ve done the research, found the best app for your needs and decided to take your snowboarding/skiing game to the next level, it’s time to commit. Being able to prepare for any weather conditions, mapping out your trails, and even tracking your altitude will help greatly, However, these  snowboarding/skiing apps will not only help you improve by challenging/tracking your own times, they will also help you in other ways.

As skiing apps come in many shapes and forms, some of these will even help you prepare before you getting started on skiing itself. Just remember, Friendly competition is a great way to improve, and by comparing times with your friends, you’ll all motivate yourselves towards greatness! Of course, the key to improving is doing your best every day and having fun! Plus, the added money you’re saving is also great.


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