Top 10 Best Heated Socks 2020

Winter is awesome, the weather is cool, temperatures are low, and you can wear multiple layers to look fashionable. It’s no surprise, people love the colder seasons, when they’re readily prepared to handle them.

But, winter also carries a few negatives such as snowstorms, and even the threat of losing the feeling in your toes. Thankfully, as technology has advanced, we’ve developed ways to mitigate these problems. One such solution is the use of heated socks to keep your feet warm.

Best Heated Socks

These battery-powered (or extra thick) stockings keep old man winter’s cold grip of death away from your toes! Maintaining proper circulation running through your feet and staving away the frostbite. However, just how do you find the best pair for you? Well, we’ve sorted through hundreds to help you get a perfect pair for yourself and maybe even some for a friend!

Top 10 Best Heated Socks 2020

GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks Review
Bigfoot Original Thermal Heat Holders Review
Machine washable
Lenz Heat 1200 1.0 Ski Sock Mens Review
Lenz Heat 1200 1.0 Ski Sock Mens
Best Premium-Quality
Greensha Electric Heated Socks Review
Hand washable
SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Socks Review
SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Socks
Large Heating Element
Hand washable
Volt Resistance's Volt Heated Socks Review
Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks Review
Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks
Non-Rechargeable Longest Battery-Life
SUNWILL Electric Heated Socks Review
SUNWILL Electric Heated Socks
Versatile, Outdoor, Indoor
Autocastle Novelty Electric Heated Socks Review
Hand washable
SVPRO Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks Battery Review

1. GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks – Best Overall

GLOBAL VASION Heated Scoks Review

Highly rated, and effective, Global Vasion brings you one of the best pair of socks in the market.  These babies will even have the coldest of feet feeling warm in the midst of wintertime. You’ll feel so good, you’ll never want to take them off.

Global Vasion designed these thermal socks with three differently levels of temperature (high, medium, low), these ensure that you’ll find the perfect temperature for your feet no matter how cold it gets.

They’re also made from breathable materials with ample support for both heel and toes, meaning you’ll feel great while wearing them.

As a plus, they’re extremely versatile, good for both outdoor and indoor activities such as hunting, snowboarding, and more!


  • Water resistant
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Heating pad coverage is relatively small

If you are looking to be comfortable during the colder months of the year, get yourself a pair of Global Vasion’s heated socks now!

2. Bigfoot Original Thermal Heat Holders – Best for Budget

Heat Holders Mens Winter Warm Thick Bigfoot Thermal Crew Socks Review

If you’re looking to get a more rudimentary type of heated socks, try out Bigfoot’s Original Thermal Heat Holders. These, stockings are sure to keep your feet insulated from the environment, and are built from tough materials that are sure to last, even if you use them often.

They’re chunky and rugged, built for outdoor activities that require lots of movement. Your actions are the battery with these thermal heat holders, as they accumulate heat from your feet to warm you up. This ensures that your feet stay supported and warm throughout your entire journey.

No fancy batteries or chargers required!


  • No electronic devices involved
  • Rugged
  • Economical


  • Cool down if user remains still for prolonged periods of time

Perfect for people on the go, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair now!

3. Lenz Heat 1200 1.0 Ski Sock Mens – Best Premium-Quality

Lenz Heat 1200 1.0 Ski Sock Mens Review

A high-end, premium pair of heated socks with integrated heating pads that great ample coverage for those who can afford the cover charge. After all, Lenz is a well established brand that is known for their impressive quality products, but with a steep price of admission. However, their 1.0 Ski Socks are sure to please those who can afford this level of luxury.

Unlike most of the products on this list, they’re specifically machine washable, simply follow their guidelines and remember that the washer and dryer temperatures should never exceed 86 degrees Fahrenheit ( that’s 30 degrees Celsius for those over the pond).

Made out of high-quality nylon, and a mixture of other fabrics that provide both elasticity and versatility to the sock. They even come with added padding for the shin!


  • Versatile
  • Fashionable
  • Extremely good battery life


  • Extremely Expensive

Bright and colorful, these are sure to call your attention to your eyes. Make sure to get yourself a pair, and another pair for your significant other.

4. Greensha Electric Heated Socks – Good for Outdoors

Greensha Electric Heated Socks Review

Greensha brings you their own solid pair of heated socks to help those who suffer from chronically cold feet, especially during outdoor activities.

These socks are a fantastic addition to any winter sports enthusiast who is looking to keep their feet warm during a crazy skiing or hiking experience.

Crafted with cotton and spandex, Greensha’s heated socks are extra durable making them a perfect choice for consistent usage.


  • Long battery life (6.5 hours)
  • Quick heating


  • Can potentially cause burns during nighttime use

If you’re a sporty individual looking to get yourself out there and hitting the snow or even stay indoors under a cozy comforter, Greensha’s thermal insulated socks are for you! Don’t wait around for old man winter to visit, buy yours as soon as possible.

5. SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Socks – Large Heating Element

SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Socks Review

If your toes are constantly feeling cold, then maybe you should try out Snow Deer’s upgraded heated socks.  The heating element in these stockings is equipped to warm up your entire toe area and can help stimulate blood flow as well as keep your extremities limber and free from stiffness.

Made from 80% cotton, and a combination of other quick-drying materials, they’re elastic, breathable, and come with a padding in the heel and toe areas. You’ll also find them in a variety of sizes that are perfect for those whose feet are either large or small.

Three heat settings ensure you’ll always find the right temperature for your feet.


  • Heating element covers a large area
  • Great materials


  • Battery life is fairly short

Keep your feet warm and your toes even warmer with Snow Deer’s upgraded heat socks! Don’t wait around to buy yourself a pair.

6. Volt Resistance’s Volt Heated Socks – Best High-End Socks

Volt Heated Socks Review

If you’re looking to splurge on a truly high-end pair of heated socks, you might want to look at the Volt Heated Socks. This pair of expensive stockings, are designed to keep your feet warm for prolonged periods of time and include a powerful pair of batteries that can be easily charged overnight.

Made out of polyester they are designed to keep your feet dry at all times. You’ll feel comfortable wearing these spandex socks, especially if you’re dealing with a nasty case of the cold toes. Thankfully, you’ll find yourself enjoying the full coverage of your feet provided by these socks.


  • Covers a large area
  • Battery is discreet


  • Expensive

If you’re looking to splurge on a high-end pair of socks for yourself this winter, try out Volt Heated Socks now!

7. Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks – Non-Rechargeable Longest Battery-Life

Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks Review

Outdoorsy people look no further than Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Electric Battery Heated socks. These stockings are sure to please. But, if you’re more of the type to chill inside the house, fear not as they’re also great for indoor use.

Providing anywhere from six to eight hours of battery life, these socks are not rechargeable, instead opting to use two double D batteries (one in each) to keep you warm.

Padded heel and toe areas make it comfortable to walk for prolonged periods of time, and the heating element is focus on your toes preventing your extremities from losing proper circulation.


  • Versatile
  • Long battery life


  • Non-rechargeable
  • Only one setting (low)

If keeping your feet at a normal steady temperature is more of your preference, try out The Fur Lectra Sox Heated Socks! Get yours here!

8.  SUNWILL Electric Heated Socks – Versatile, Outdoor, Indoor

SUNWILL Heated Socks Review

A powerful lithium battery pack and heating elements that covers both the toes and midsole help make Sunwill’s Electric Heated Sock a success.

Perfect for winter sports and other outdoor activities these socks are great for those who want to enjoy the snow to the fullest.

Cotton socks, combined with Lycra liners, and heating elements help stimulate the flow of blood throughout the entire foot. These are perfect for people with arthritis and even circulation problems.


  • Great for the outdoors
  • Five different heat settings


  • Expensive

Sunwill provides is a bit on the expensive side, but with its multiple setting and comfortable materials, you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying this nice pair of heated socks.

9. Autocastle Novelty Electric Heated Socks – Best for Hiking, Outdoor

Autocastle Novelty Electric Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks Review

These stylish socks are made to look cool and feel even better. Autocastle’s Novelty Electric socks are definitely great.

These premium socks are meant to handle almost anything, from freezing cold days to cool crisp winter mornings that aren’t too terrible. But, if you’re trying to go out on a hike or try your hand at some winter sports, then these aren’t a bad option either.


  • Versatile
  • Thick materials for warmth


  • Requires a 12-hour activation period when using for the first time.

If you have the patience to ride out the activation time, you’ll find yourself pleased when you use Autocastle’s Novelty Electric Rechargeable socks. Find a pair that suits you now!

10. SVPRO Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks Battery – Best for Comfort, Padding

SVPRO Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks Review

Warm your feet with this soft pair of socks that are well padded, and breathable. SVPRO’s rechargeable electric socks are another amazing pair of stockings for those seeking to warm their feet.

A 3.7V lithium battery powers these socks and their unisex style makes them perfect for both men and women. They also come in a variety of sizes.

Even better is the fact that the heating lines go from the top of your feet all the way to the bottom, making them feel super warm even in the coldest of weathers.


  • Ample heating area
  • Variety of colors
  • Plenty of padding


  • Battery life is fairly short

A good balance of cost versus effectiveness makes these a solid pick for most buyers! Don’t wait around to get your feet heated up for the winter, get yours now!

How to Choose the Best Heated Socks

How to Choose Heated Socks

1. Material

For the most part, the electronic/battery powered socks on our list tend to be of good to high quality material. They’re comfortable and easy to use for the most part, and you’ll certainly feel comfortable using them.

But, that’s not to say that everyone will feel the same way about them, as personal preferences should always be considered before making any purchases.

Some heated socks are made with a variety of builds such as multiple layers that protect you from the weather and provide additional comfort/softness in the inside.  These design choices make them versatile and practical in a variety of scenarios and should be taken into account before making a purchase.

2. Indoor/Outdoor use

Some people need heated socks for the sake of their health/comfort; others want to use them for more outdoorsy activities. You should consider these two factors before making your purchase.

Medical conditions that can be relieved through the use of heated socks include conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and multiple others.  These all benefit from the increase in circulation caused by their wear, and some are even specifically designed with these conditions in mind.

For others, the cold feeling of the floor during winter is the main reason driving their purchase of heated socks and they’ll certainly keep your toes warmer during the coldest of season especially at night. Not only will you sleep better, but you’ll feel great while slumbering.  As a last resort, they also make great gifts for someone who suffers from chronically cold feet.

Alternatively, if you live somewhere in which the temperatures are always low, you’ll enjoy wearing heated socks with regular socks at all times.

For those seeking outdoor activities, you’ll find thermal socks that recycle the heat generated from your movement. As a plus, these are always cheaper than electronically powered ones. Alternatively, if you’re going to be doing activities that require you to stay still for prolonged periods of time such as hunting, you’ll want battery powered ones that can keep you warm even if you’re laying in wait for your next prey during prolonged periods of time.

3. Affordability

You’ll find heated socks come in a variety of prices, some more expensive than others.  Factors that can affect a price are:

  • Material
  • Functionality
  • Style
  • Brand

These attributes will add or detract from the overall price of the product, but they also have a direct impact on the quality and use. Additionally, by considering these you’ll also be able to narrow down your selection pool and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

As always never get yourself into a situation you can’t escape by splurging on a product you might not need at the moment. Be patient as they go on sale regularly as well.

4. Usability

One of the biggest concerns you should have when purchasing heated socks is how long you’ll be using them versus how long they can keep your feet warm.

This can come in one of two ways. Thermal socks that use the heat generated from movement, which cool down after a short while of staying idle and battery life.

You’ll find the electrical/battery operated ones tend to last up to ten hours depending on the type, and with proper management of the power setting they can remain in use for longer even if you’re not moving.

5. Durability

Socks wear down with constant use. The best way to prolong their life is to buy multiple pairs, otherwise buy higher quality materials socks that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

Heated socks come in varying levels of durability, make sure to check for higher durability in their descriptions and as always test out the product before going on a long trip. A few of them have extended warranties that can be used

Frequently Asked Questions

Heated Socks FAQs

Q: What activities can I do with heated socks?

As long as it doesn’t involve direct contact with water you can perform any outdoor activity such as hunting with these. Snow based activities such as skiing or snowboarding require extra care to prevent the battery from overheating due to overly tight boots or poor ventilation.

Q: Are these rechargeable?

If you’re buying electronically heated socks and are worried about the costs of batteries, fear not as they typically come with chargers or in the case of a few compatible USB charging cables that can be plugged into any USB-compatible computer or product.

There are some that use regular non-rechargeable batteries as well.

Q: How will I wash them?

Electronics and washing machines don’t typically mix well (water in general does not agree with electricity), and heated socks are not an exception to this rule. Regardless of what any manufacturers claim, you’ll often find stories of battery powered heated socks that were damaged by going through a washing machine cycle.

Washing them via hand to avoid breaking any of the delicate internal components that make up these socks is probably your best alternative.

Q: Are they always so expensive?

Heated socks are always going to cost more than regular socks. Obviously, it’s because they have electronic components inside that naturally raise the manufacturing costs. But, if you’re absolutely sure that you don’t need to buy electronically heated socks, there are some alternatives.

Heated insoles, or wearing multiple pairs of socks can help regulate the temperature in your feet pretty well if you can’t afford to buy numerous sets of heated ones.

Q: Are heated socks dangerous?

No more than any other electronic product you use in your everyday life. All battery powered products run certain risks that non-powered objects don’t deal with. But, when it comes to heated socks, just remember that manufacturers have to tests these products rigorously in order to release them to the market.

If they fail to do so, they run the risks of lawsuits and problems down the road. As such, your feet should remain as safe as they’ve always been while wearing heated socks.


Suffering from cold feet can really ruin your chances in life, but when it’s both literally and figuratively they’re even worse. Trying to keep them warm in cold weather can be a real challenge sometimes, but it’s important to do your best.

Toes and other extremities can easily suffer from both poor circulation and even frostbite. Thermal/heated socks can help you mitigate these issues before they become serious problems. But, in order to effectively use them, you have to find the perfect pair for you. Whether that’s a basic thermal sock or an electronic set that is controlled through your Smartphone or buttons in the socks.

Also remember to consider the price, the battery life, and durability that they offer as these will make or break your experience. Just remember that you can put a price on socks, but you can’t put a price on the cozy feeling of warm feet at all times.


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