Top 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines for 2020

Seasoned anglers understand the importance of a strong fishing line. It’s, in fact, the principal difference between catching a whopper and leaving empty-handed. But, no lines are more effective than a braided fishing line.

Best Braided Fishing Lines

These offer better durability, strength, and castability than a regular one, and provide you with the highest advantage possible. They can resist wear and tear that would destroy regular lines and will leave you coming home with a prize almost every time.

But, with so many options, how will you find the best one? Thankfully, we did the research for you. Now sit down, relax, and read below to discover the best braided fishing lines on the market.

Top 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines 2020

Spool Size
Power Pro Spectra Review
Power Pro Spectra
Best Overall Performance
300 yds
KastKing SuperPower Review
KastKing SuperPower
Best Casting Smoothness
327 yds
Reaction Tackle Super Strong PE Review
120 yds
Berkley Nanofil Review
Berkley Nanofil
Best Mono-Braid Combination
150 yds
Spiderwire Ultracast Review
Spiderwire Ultracast
Best Fluoro-Braid Combo
150 yds
SpiderWire Stealth Superline Review
SpiderWire Stealth Superline
Best Stealth Line
125 yds
PowerPro Super 8 Slick Review
PowerPro Super 8 Slick
Smoothest Cast
150 yds
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Review
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8
Best Cost-Performance Durability Line
125 yds
KastKing Mega 8 Review
KastKing Mega 8
Best Multi-Tuf Fiber Line
500 yds
SeaKnight Monster W8 Review
547 yds

Thanks to the availability of options, you can choose from a variety of braided lines. However, there isn’t even one that outperforms the others in all categories.

For that reason, we’ve listed the top performers in their respective fields of expertise. Each one of these braided lines are great, but here is where they truly shine.

1. Power Pro Spectra – Best Overall Performance

Power Pro Spectra Review

If you’re looking for an excellent line that performs well in every category, then the Power Pro Spectra is you. You can use this line in almost any depths as its strength and durability make it particularly tough. These aspects make it perfectly suitable to tackle the ocean or particularly rough lakes.

Not to mention, it’s strong enough to catch bigger fish with ease. A small diameter makes it easy to reel in fish due to its lightweight feel and sensitivity. Additionally, its weight makes it easy to cast smoothly and accurately. You can also find it in different colors.

This top-performing braid line is a power player in a sea of variety. Power Pro’s Spectra is sure to please, now get yours here!


  • Thin diameter for faster reeling
  • Tough and versatile
  • Spool and built-in cutter included


  • This line is sharp; it can easily cut you if you’re careless

2. KastKing SuperPower – Best Casting Smoothness

KastKing SuperPower Review

Yet another popular brand in the world of braided lines; KastKing brings you the SuperPower. This powerful line is as tough as it is versatile, and it’s one of our personal favorites. The SuperPower is easy to knot, manufactured with ease of use in mind.

The biggest draw to this line is its specially treated wax coating braid. By waxing the line, it casts farther and smoother than other products, giving you an advantage in this regard.

Low tensile memory means you won’t have to worry about any backlash during a cast, and with no stretch, you can bet it’s going to be even smoother.

However, that’s not everything the KastKing excels at, as its polyethylene fibers make it especially tough. It’s capable of resisting wear and tear, as well as long periods of storage.

KastKing’s SuperPower is an excellent line that works great bright and clear waters. Get yours now!


  • Easy to knot
  • Tensile strength ranges from 10 to 150 pounds
  • Great casting distance
  • Excellent for beginners and experts alike


  • It’s not good in muddy or darker waters due to its low visibility
  • Has an unusual odor

3. Reaction Tackle Super Strong PE Braided Line – Most Durable

Reaction Tackle Super Strong PE Braided Line Review

Sometimes all an angler needs is durability and toughness; thankfully, Reaction Tackle has your back. Made from Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is known as the worlds strongest fiber!

It’s easy to hook and catch even the biggest of whoppers with this beast. Because the line has no stretch, it provides you with even more power as you reel your catch.

Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors, with color lock technology to keep it shining brighter for longer.

If strength is all you need, look no further than the Super Strong! This braid comes in various strength ratings to give you exactly what you need! Don’t wait, buy it now!


  • Super strong materials
  • Highly pliable
  • Perfect for heavy foliage environments


  • Colors can bleed into your hands and shirt

4. Berkley Nanofil – Best Mono-Braid Combination

Berkley Nanofil Review

By using hundred of Dyneema nano-filaments, Berkley has developed one of the strongest most balanced braided lines available on the market. This unique concept gives it a line that’s neither fully braided nor strictly monofilament. But, features elements from both lines.

Essentially taking the smooth feel of a monofilament, and the strength of a braided line, it can cast farther than other ones from the brand. Finally, a zero line memory prevents knots and tangles from ruining your day.

Bass, salmon, and trout beware the Nanofil has your name on it! If you’re looking for these guys, then look right here for a Nanofil!


  • Perfect for ultralight tackles
  • Combines the benefits of monofilament and braid
  • Good for smaller fish


  • Anglers seeking bigger fish should look elsewhere

5. Spiderwire Ultracast – Best Fluoro-Braid Combo

Spiderwire Ultracast Reiview

Spiderwire is no stranger to line combinations, and their Fluoro-Braid is an excellent example of their skill and quality. By combining the sinking properties of fluorocarbon and using high-grade Dyneema for strength, this line is capable of reaching excellent depths and surviving any potential whoppers residing in the deep.

Its small diameter makes it lightweight and easier to reel. Additionally, it’s sensitive and easy to use, which can help you cast longer, and feel any fish as they nibble into your hook. Low friction co-efficient lets you quietly reel in fish and get smoother retrieves.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced or seasoned angler, you’ll want to take a look at Spiderwire’s Ultracast! Get it now!


  • Great for gar, trout, salmon, and other fish types
  • Sinks quickly
  • Perfect for schooling rigs
  • Great for beginners


  • Line can be harsh on your fingers
  • Knots can be difficult to remove

6. SpiderWire Stealth Superline – Best Stealth Line

SpiderWire Stealth Superline Review

If you’re looking for a line that is capable of hiding from anything, consider using SpiderWire’s Stealth Superline! Using color-lock technology, it will never lose its stealthy coating to hide from even the keenest of eyes. Dyneema construction gives it a strong and smooth feel, allowing you to cast faster and catch bigger fish.

Furthermore, its microfibers are treated with a fluoropolymer, allowing it to shoot through the air for farther cast. Finally, it’s capable of resisting tear and wear with the best of them.

Super stealthy and tough, this line is the perfect companion to an afternoon at the lake. Get yourself a SpiderWire’s Stealth Superline now!


  • Perfect for crank-bait and top-water fishing
  • Tough and durable
  • Perfect for freshwater fishing


  • Incompatible with the cinch knot
  • Pricier than other similar quality brands for the amount of line
  • Not good for saltwater fishing

7. PowerPro Super 8 Slick – Smoothest Cast

PowerPro Super 8 Slick Review

If you’re looking for a smooth and slick cast without breaking your bank, look no further than PowerPro’s Super 8 Slick.

This braided line gives you the best casting possible, allowing you to reach farther than you ever thought possible. A higher breaking point means it can also resist greater challenges than other similar lines.

Additionally, it’s got great abrasion resistance, preventing you from snapping the line at the worst possible moment. However, just because the Super 8 is slick does not imply it folds under pressure. You’ll find the quality of this line to be excellent, preventing deterioration even after heavy usage.

Save a few bucks and get one of the best casting lines for your rod! Get a Super 8 Slick now!


  • Consistent casting performance
  • Tough
  • Good in freshwater or saltwater
  • Good length


  • Knots are a problem for the Super 8 Slick
  • Small reels don’t work well with this line

8. Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 – Best Cost-Performance Durability Line

Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Review

Berkley is a known brand in the world of braided lines for good reason, and their Fireline Ultra 8 is a testament to their craft. Thermal fusion gives this line a unique texture and feel.

Not to mention the bonding of the Dyneema PE fibers makes it especially resistant to abrasions, and tough. A thin diameter gives it low visibility and lure action.

Which works great with its superior castability, strength, and sensitivity. The Fireline Ultra 8 is approximate four times stronger than other similarly priced products. Furthermore, you’ll find this line is capable of resisting even harsh conditions like prolonged storage, high/low temperatures, and direct sunlight.

High durability and excellent cost-to-performance ratio make this the perfect deal for the cost conscious angler. Get a Fireline Ultra 8 now!


  • Durable
  • Great Price
  • Can handle a lot of abuse


  • Certain colors retain high visibility despite the advertisement on the box so choose wisely

9. KastKing Mega 8 – Best Multi-Tuf Fiber Line

KastKing Mega 8 Review

KastKing is no stranger to high-performance lines, but their Mega 8 is the definition of versatility. The Multi-Tuf fibers inside this braided line, provide it with farther casting distance, better precision, and minimal friction.

Additionally, this line uses a petroleum-based coating to prevent losing its color or absorbing water. Zero stretch and memory mean that this line performs better in almost any situation. Dramatically increasing the chances of fishing the big one due to its added sensitivity.

Whether you’re going to the sea, lakes, or rivers, this line is capable of performing like a champ. Get it now.


  • High versatility
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Strong


  • Larger diameter than expected

10. SeaKnight Monster W8 – Best Budget Braided Line

SeaKnight Monster W8 Review

There will times when you don’t have money to burn. But, that doesn’t mean you can get a decent quality braided line for your rod. Thankfully, SeaKnight has your back with their Monster W8 Braided Line.

This product features everything you need for a successful day of angling. High-sensitivity for those fickle fishes, zero stretch for quick reactions, and plenty of durability.

An Advanced membrane treatment gives it greater resistance to abrasion and wind and prolongs its life. Low memory and a smaller diameter reduces the resistance while sinking in water and helps you reach farther casting distances. Plus, its coating prevents color leaking.

If you’re looking to save some cash and still get a braided line that’s worth your while, get the SeaKnights Monster W8.


  • Great price
  • Good features


  • Line strength varies

Are Braided Lines better than Others?

Are Braided Lines better than Others_1

Braided lines offer certain advantages over monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. However, this doesn’t mean they are perfect. While braided lines have their uses, they also come with a few downsides. But, to understand how they’re better than other lines, you have to know what they are first.

A braided fishing line is a group of micro strands interwoven into a single one. Originally made from polyethylene, manufacturers have taken to testing and using different materials. These days, you can find braided lines made out of dacron, micro-Dyneema fibers, and more.

A single braid usually consists of four or eight strands, (known as “four-carrier” and “eight-carrier” respectively). But, manufacturers nowadays have taken to using double or triple those amounts (12 and 16 strands). This difference is in contrast to the fluorocarbon and monofilament lines that consist of a single fiber made out of plastic.

But, now that you have a better idea of the contrast between braided lines and their single counterparts. Let’s take a look at what makes a braided line better.

  • Stronger line strength (higher pound ratings)
  • Offers better casting distance and ease of use
  • Acute line sensitivity (for fish who prefer to nibble)
  • Better buoyancy
  • Highly visible (this is both a pro and con)
  • Tougher and more resistant to tears and abrasion
  • Will not stretch (both a blessing and a curse)
  • Low line memory (it doesn’t take the shape of the spool after sitting there for prolonged periods)
  • Smaller in diameter

These advantages make braided fishing lines the superior option to their monofilament and fluorocarbon alternatives. But, keep in mind that there are some considerable disadvantages.

  • You’ll have a harder time tieing knots
  • It’s got higher visibility in the water (scares fishes away if you move it around a lot or in fish in clear waters)
  • Harder to cut if it tangles or snags on a rock
  • Braided lines aren’t stretchy (limiting their versatility)
  • It’s capable of cutting into your spool
  • Challenging to remove snagging or cut foreign materials from it

Despite these downsides, braided lines are ultimately superior to fluorocarbon and monofilament lines in terms of raw power. However, its strength truly shines in certain scenarios. Particularly when you’re playing to its strengths.

Are Braided Lines better than Others_2

Braided lines will always outperform the alternatives in the following situations:

Deepsea and beach fishing

Due to its long casting distance and strength, you will be able to reach farther than with regular lines. Additionally, it’s strength ensures you can catch anything your rod can handle.

Plus, the ocean has rocks and other abrasive agents that could break the line, but they’re durable enough to resist these

Lake fishing

You’ll often find heavy foliage and dirty/muddy water in lakes. Both of those synergize well with the use of a braided line. In muddy water, the high visibility of the line will let it stand out to the fish.

Alternatively, foliage lets the heavier line shine through because it can resist abrasions

Fish with small bites and topwater

Due to its buoyancy, it works well with floating lures, as you can control them with ease. This advantage makes topwater fishing a breeze.

Additionally, fishes with quicker, soft bites are easier to catch because braided lines are sensitive to touch. Rods with quick flex synergize well for this particular scenario.

In those situations, braided lines outperform monofilament and fluorocarbon lines masterfully. You can’t go wrong if you take advantage of its strengths while keeping these scenarios in mind.

How to Choose a Braided Fishing Line

How to Choose Best Braided Fishing Lines

The five key elements you need to know about are:

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Buoyancy
  • Color

Each of them will determine the overall performance of your line. Understanding them is the key to choosing the best one for you.

1. Buoyancy

Braided lines float well in the water, and for the most part, every single one you can find will have no problems in this department. You still want to make sure it effectively works with the bait you use. Some baits will not synergize well with braided lines.

2. Flexibility


Typically, braided lines don’t offer high flexibility. However, some brands do market theirs as more elastic and flexible than others.

Consider the advantages of high-flexibility versus a low one. Inflexible lines are easier to use with hooks, whereas an elastic one has difficulty with them.

Low elasticity is sensitive to touch and works better with aggressive/strong fish. The low memory also helps in preventing knots and twists.

However, a stiff line will negatively affect your overall aim and casting distance.

3. Strength

Manufacturers market their line’s strength in pounds. This limit determines the amount of weight required to snap the line.

An example of this is a 12-pound line requiring over 12 pounds of force/pressure to snap. However, the conditions in which you’re using the line will also adversely affect it.

Factors such as knots, the use, and even the environment will cause it to deteriorate at a faster pace. Additionally, time is not its friend, and will also have an adverse effect on the line.

Finally, your technique matters as a seasoned angler can catch fish heavier than the pound limits by using the right approach.

4. Durability

A braided line is nothing without high durability. Because fishing lines go through a lot of abuse underwater, sturdiness is a desirable trait.

You might not see under the surface of the water, but trees, logs, and rocks will cause abrasions on your line. Over time they will break it or worse cause you to miss out on your catch.

If you know you’re going fishing in an area with large rocks, weeds, or structures like bridges, then get a line with a larger diameter. The bigger your diameter is, the better resistance to abrasions they will offer.

However, we don’t mean to say that you can’t find braided lines in smaller diameter that aren’t resistant. Certain manufacturers sell small-diameter lines that are highly resistant to abrasion.

5. Color

A brighter colored braided line will stand out to fish even in muddy waters. We recommend using yellow as it stands out better than other colors.

Not all manufacturers are equal, and some of the most recognizable brand names – Top Five Popular Brands you will see are:

  • Power Pro
  • Spiderwire
  • KastKing
  • Berkley
  • Reaction Tackle

If you ask the pro’s these manufacturers dominate the field. Their products offer the best quality possible, and the widest array of tactical advantages. Don’t be surprised if you find them in every outdoor store.


FAQs of Best Braided Fishing Lines

1. How often should I replace my braided line?

The ultimate determining factor is how often you go fishing. If you’re getting heavy use out of your braided line, it’s obvious you’ll need to replace it at regular intervals.

However, if you’re using your line sparingly or as a backup, you can pretty much get a few years worth of use out of it.

2. When will I know it’s time to change it?

If your line starts looking worn and torn, it’s your signal to change it. Signs like fibers sticking out and knicks or cuts are clear indicators of this.

3. Where should I use braided fishing lines?

Anywhere and everywhere you want to cast a line. There are certain places where it shines, such as lakes and the ocean, but you can use it wherever you want.

4. Should I spool my braided line?

If you have experience spooling braided lines, then, by all means, go ahead. But, if you’re not, then we recommend letting a professional do it for you. Manually spooling a line might cause it to cut into itself, causing your line to drag when you cast it.

5. What’s the average life expectancy of a braided line?

A braided line averages around four to five years without rotting or going bad. Just keep it away from locations with higher humidity and try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

However, if you’re keeping your line spooled in storage, it might suffer from memory issues. Low memory line does not mean it has no memory. Prolonged storage will adversely affect your braided line.

6. What knots do/can you use on a braided line?

  • Clinch knot
  • Palomar
  • Rapala loop
  • Double uni knot

7. Can I use a braided line in conjunction with a monofilament one?

You can tie your braided line to a monofilament line if you desire. This trick will give you the advantages of both lines.


The goal of any angler is to have a leave with at least one successful catch! But, if you’re using a cheap monofilament line, the odds are never in your favor. To be successful, you need the most exceptional equipment and a lot of luck, and that includes the best braided fishing lines.

It’s important to remember that other types of cord have their use, yet they don’t offer the versatility and strength of a braided line. Just remember that your goal is to have fun, and catching a big fish is more satisfying.

Now it’s up to you to choose wisely. Read the descriptions and find the one that matches your goals most closely. Once you’ve done that, the only thing left is to set off on your next adventure.


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