Bass Fishing in the Rain – Gear and Strategies

When you’re a first-time Bass Fisher the sport can be tough, but throw in some heavy weather changes and strong wind, and you’re looking at an entire different set of challenges. Still, whether you’re a novice fisher or a veteran, weather doesn’t have to come in the way of you and your game.

Today we’ll be looking at Bass Fishing in The Rain, and how to prepare for cloud bursting weather while you fish. Furthermore, the point is to face rain while you fish, and still find that same enjoyment you started with. At the end of the day you might find a weather bent experience to be thrilling.

Bass Fishing in the Rain

Proper Clothing

So you’re new to the game, or have been on the water many times over, either way, when it starts pouring down rain it’s important you’re prepared. One primary way to deal with inclement weather while bass fishing is to prepare your gear and outer-wear properly.

For sake of clothing, you want to bring along a packable, breathable, and durable set of rainproof outerwear. Because your main priorities for protection should involve staying dry and maintaining your body temperature, pick rainsuits, rain-jackets, and rain pants. You can filter your search for bodywear options easily just by determining that you’ll need a rainproof outfit.

Clothing materials that best suit this kind of weather, especially while fishing, are Polyester blends, Nylon, and Microfiber. Your factors to consider are if your clothing design will wick moisture, (as all above do), and keep you dry.

One other often overlooked piece of wear are good glasses. For rainy weather bass fishing, you want a pair of glasses that block out blue-light that’s created from dampened color.

Bait Options

Now onto bait. If you’re new to the sport, it may interest you to know that rainy weather is ideal for bass fishing. Though the rain disturbs the water’s surface, suffering clarity, the resulting attack on the water causes fish to act more aggressively, seeking prey.So, how does a good fisher respond? One key is to focus on topwater bait and topwater rigging. This way, the fish that explode to the surface are more likely to be your catch. Choose topwater lures in situations like these and have a few rigged while you prepare other options.

Also for more specific options, try jerkbaits, swimbaits, and spinnerbaits. These are baiting options that will work well in tough weather conditions. For researching different bait types, make sure to clarify what kind of condition you think you’re going into. Proper bait should make the impending weather you’re going into.

Strategy While Bass Fishing in The Rain

Next comes strategy. Rainfall affects fish behavior, water clarity, and locational sight. In a very real way, a good bass fisher wants to face the aggressiveness of a rainy setting head on. For instance, runoff locations bring nutrients into the water, attracting bass.

If you stick close to runoff spots you have a higher chance of making a catch. It’s important to determine where your runoff locations are, and if they’re changing, that way you have a tail on the game. Another tip in aggressive water, is to stick to hard cover, as a downpour will change the current and movement of the water you’re dealing with. This will make bass move closer to hardcover and away from the downpour center.

Think Like Your Game

Still, a main solution to any questions you have about bass fishing in the rain can be found by thinking like the fish you’re hunting. For example, one key difference between non-rainy weather and storms for bass, is that the water becomes muddled and the cloud coverage is notched up, creating a perfect hunting setting for bass.They are instinctively going to hunt most efficiently when they are obscured by the weather. Your response? If the rain is aggressive the fish will be too, so cast fast. If the rain has stopped, but the water is muddled, move in slowly to catch the exploring bass.


Though it can be exciting to get on the water in hectic situations, seeking to catch the wildest of fish, you should be careful of your environment. If lightning strikes near you, if the thundering and rainfall exceeds visibility, be sure to get off the water. No matter the thrill of bass fishing, be sure to weigh your risks.


At the end of the day, Bass Fishing in The Rain can be exhilarating. You’re likely to learn a lot about your preys behavior, and your own responses to behavior shifts during storms. Furthermore, like any kind of fishing, regardless the weather, as long as you stay clear-headed and prepared, you’re sure to have a great time.

The only remaining advice to take with you involves composure. When your game acts radically different than it does on a clear day it’s important to stay level-headed. Your fishing will not suffer due to all that’s happening around you.

Ultimately, the deciding factor for a successful Bass Fishing in The Rain trip, is to be prepared and calmly enjoy yourself.

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