The mission of TheOutdoorTime is to help everyone go out on an adventure and have fun! Our sole objective is to publish well researched and in-depth buying guides on a variety of outdoor gears.

We aim to provide our readers with information on recommendations and tips associated with all the equipment and gears for a number of outdoor activities. We are all about outdoors!

The Process

The writing and research team work hard to find the best gears for you. These gears and equipment belong to different categories. TheOutdoorTime is run by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who love outdoors and are always anxious to try out new gears that they find on the market. Apart from trying the gear out ourselves we also various authorities and experts in that field as well as other consumers to get their opinion.

Outdoor Product Reviews

We use online forums, product reviews and direct consultations from the users. Furthermore, we take information from the product details that the manufacturers provide. All in all, we try to gather as much information as possible and through a variety of means to provide you with information that is as authentic as possible. Only after going through all this information we provide you with our recommendations in that particular category.

Most of the review sights only provide information from the information that they can acquire online. They are talking about the products that they haven’t used at all. Frankly, speaking, by doing so they are not reviewing the product, they are actually judging it. Well, who we are to judge! (Pun intended).

How TheOutdoorTime makes money?

TheOutdoorTime is able to achieve what it aims for all because of the commissions and fees that come from the affiliate programs including Amazon. When you click on a link here at you will be directed straight to sites like When you purchase from there we will get the referral commission for that purchase.

TheOutdoorTime maintains its integrity by eradicating all the incentives that are associated with recommendations of various products over the others. At TheOutdoorTime we do not take or accept any paid promotions. Therefore, the rankings we have are not rigged or influenced by any brand that wants to buy its way in.

Above all, these links are not going to cost you anything. But they do allow us to stay active and doing that we cherish a lot and that is to research and recommend the best adventure and outdoor gear and equipment on the market.

Want to be a part of the TheOutdoorTime team?

If you want to be the part of this team then you are in luck because we are always looking for our fellow adventurers who share our passion. If you have a knack of writing then it will be a huge plus!

You can conveniently reach out to us by filling out the contact form. Don’t forget to provide us some information on your background and if you have any outdoor hobbies. We will be more than happy to get back to you and see if there is a spot in TheOutdoorTime team waiting for you.

Who we are?

Well, we are a diverse bunch! All our team members are from different walks of life. You can see that this attribute is pretty similar to the readers of TheOutdoorTime. Each of our members has varying skills and experiences in different outdoor activities. The best thing is that they are ready to guide you and give you all the information you will need for your outdoor fun.

Our group comprises of people who come from different regions across the globe including the Mediterranean region as well as the furthest regions of North America. But we all have one thing in common and that is our love and passion for outdoors. We have a desire to share that passion with other people and impart that knowledge that we have garnered throughout our lives.

Our Contributors

TheOutdoorTime Contributors

Brandon Keen

Brandon has an experience of more than 30 years of fishing in saltwater. He is from Edmonton. He has dealt with a number of game fish species.

Brandon started his career as an outdoor writer for a fisherman magazine back in the 90s. He has acquired all the knowledge from the real world and he is more than anxious to share a vast knowledge that he has garnered over the years.

Wayne Pabon

Wayne has degrees in writing and literature. He has always been in love with the outdoors. He is from Texas and has spent a lot of time hunting, camping and fishing.

The everlasting passion has now turned him into an avid traveler. When he is not in the outdoors he likes to guide fellow outdoorsmen about various gears that they can use and writing different articles on places that he visited in the past.

Doroteo Colombo

Doroteo is from Rome, Italy and he has a long history with seafood. He is also a great chef and has a number of great recipes to his names.

Doroteo runs a restaurant in Rome and has plenty of experience fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Doroteo owns a motorboat and loves to sail.

When he is not busy with his daily work routine, he rights articles on outdoor cooking. Very soon he is going to introduce his own blog as well.


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